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ProForm SMART PRO 16.9 Elliptical Trainer Review

Brand: ProForm
Expert Rating: 3 stars

The ProForm SMART PRO 16.9 Elliptical Trainer Is On Sale!


Best Buy!  Built to Motivate and Entertain

Proform pro 16.9

The ProForm SMART PRO 16.9 elliptical trainer is one of their top models and offers some impressive features for not a lot of money. We especially enjoyed the 10″ full color interactive touchscreen, 20 degree incline, iFit technology, and easy out-of-the-box assembly. This latest “SMART” model comes with several nice perks.

ProForm is part of Icon Fitness, which also builds NordicTrack brand machines. This is the largest manufacturer of fitness equipment on the globe. Do to economy of scale they can often offer more features for a lower price. We’ve been to the headquarters and manufacturing facilities and it is a massive operation.

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What’s to Like About the SMART PRO 16.9 Elliptical?

This latest model from ProForm has several enhancements over the “non-SMART” model.  To start, the console has been upgraded to optimize the iFit Coach experience.  The touchscreen is faster and more responsive.  Plus, this model comes with a 1-year iFit Coach membership included in the cost.

ProForm SMART PRO 16.9 Elliptical Trainer Features

10″ Smart HD Touchscreen — The display and tablet combo is only found on Icon Fitness products.  It gives you vibrant feedback on your workout stats and also iFit Coach access.  For comparison, the ProForm SMART Pro 12.9 only has a 7″ Smart HD Touchscreen.

Proform pro 16.9 console

32 Lb. Flywheel — This is one of the heaviest flywheels you’ll find on a home elliptical. This provides a smooth and natural elliptical motion.

Integrated Tablet Holder — This is a small and inexpensive feature but really handy!  The photo of the console to the right allows you to see how the tablet holder is positioned.

Check out a comparison chart of all ProForm Ellipticals here.

iFit Ready — iFit is a fantastic technology that allows you to track your progress towards your fitness goals.  Here are the benefits in a nutshell…

  • Create custom workouts that are aimed towards reaching your fitness goals.  The workouts will get progressively harder, include audio coaching, and let you keep track of your stats online.
  • You can simulate outdoor exercise with Google Maps using the ProForm SMART PRO 16.9 elliptical.  The machine will adjust incline and resistance to correspond to the actual terrain.
  • Exercise along with video workouts that show you famous landscapes from around the world.  Have you ever wondered what it’s like to workout in Paris?

The main downside for this technology is that there is a subscription fee to take advantage of its benefits.

35 Installed Workout Programs — The ProForm SMART PRO 16.9 provides instant access to professional training programs.  Just press “start” and you’re ready to go!

Multi gripsMulti-Grip Handlebars — This feature allows you to adjust your grip so you can target different upper body muscles.

Speakers & iPod Input —  The quality of sound on many speakers is pretty awful, but we were pleasantly surprised by the quality on the ProForm machine.  It’s still not the same as your home entertainment system, but it’s pretty good!

Easy Assembly — Avoid hours of assembly common with other machines.  The ProForm SMART PRO 16.9 is out of the box and ready to use in the matter of minutes. With other models we’ve spent literally hours assembling.

Adjustable Foot Pedals — Adjustable foot pedals are great because they allow you to adjust the pedals for your body, and reduces foot lift.  This also helps you avoid numb toes.

Extensive Warranty10-Year Frame, 2-Year Parts, & 1-Year Labor Warranty.

Other features –

  • Transport wheels
  • Water bottle holders
  • 26 resistance levels
  • Workout fan
  • iPod compatible
  • EKG Grip Puls and Wireless Chest Strap

ProForm SMART Pro 12.9 – This machine has a smaller 7″ Touchscreen and tablet holder for around $200 less. – Read our full review here.

Our Review — ProForm SMART PRO 16.9 Elliptical Trainer

The ProForm SMART PRO 16.9 has a great 10″ touchscreen, 32 lb flywheel, iFit technology, and 20 degree incline.  We also really liked the easy assembly!  It’s a great option and has made it onto our Best Buy list. Recently, the ProForm 16.9 model was recommended by a popular consumer magazine and received an  “Excellent” rating in the User Safety category.

When compared to the other ProForm Pro models, this is a great choice with its 10″ Smart HD Touchscreen.  the ProForm SMART Pro 12.9 has a smaller 7″ HD touchscreen, and a lower warranty for around $200 less.  This machine will provide a rewarding workout and also motivate and entertain you.  Overall, this is a nice option to consider.

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23 thoughts on “ProForm SMART PRO 16.9”

  1. J Friedman

    What would be the best machine for mexample I’m 5 feet 1 inch small built senior but can move well total body workout


      1. J Friedman

        II asked you a question about what ellipitical machine to get, I’m 5″ 1 ” senior you asked my budget between 1,000.00 – 2,000.00


  2. Willmia R Johnson


    I just purchased a used 16.9 Pro Form Elliptical. The machine runs extremely well. I am trying to purchase some replacement parts cosmetic and have not been able to find the model number and or the serial number. Does anyone know how I can obtain this information; is it located on the bottom of the machine? Any help would be greatly appreciated.


        1. Site Admin

          Thanks for your response. Did you order online, or have a receipt from store? I would contact ProForm with your order confirmation # or receipt information and maybe they can help directly. I hope this helps.


  3. Christopher Martinez

    We purchased the Proform 16.9 with the integrated 10 inch tablet. When you follow an Ifit trainer the sound comes over the speakers. If you plug in your headset to the 3.5 mm AUX jack, the sound doesn’t go to the headset. It continues to play through the speaker.
    The instructions manual doesn’t provide much assistance with this besides saying to plug in an audio book or personal audio player to the AUX.

    Am I missing something.
    Thanks Chris


  4. Tony

    Hi, I’m comparing the Proform 16.9 and the NordicTrack 14.9. Specs seem to be the same except for the 14 inch monitor on the NordicTrack. I saw a previous post that says ICON makes both machines. I’d love the larger monitor for the iFit workouts but am concerned about the customer service for NordicTrack. I have seen several posts and reviews, including Amazon, that rates their service very low. Too much money for poor service. Can you advise on the difference between the two machines as well as the customer service? Than you


    1. Site Admin

      Hi Tony. That’s correct! ProForm and NordicTrack are made by the same parent company. We do hear a lot of complaints about NordicTrack customer service, but to be honest we hear complaints about every company. I am not sure there is any fitness equipment company that has superb customer service 24/7, unfortunately. That being said, both machines are great options. If iFit is something you will be using often and prefer the larger display, I would say the NT 14.9 is your best bet. Hope this helps.


  5. Brenda

    Your website is very helpful. I am debating between the Proform 16.9 and the Soul E95 or E35.

    My first priority is that it is sturdy/heavy- commercial feel not cheap flimsy. (I used to have a VisionFitness HRT elliptical)

    I am leaning toward the Proform for price and easy assembly, but is it as sturdy/heavy feeling as the Soul ? If both are equal in terms of grade of materials then I think Proform, but if you say that the Soul is way more commercial feeling then I would go to that one.

    I watched your video on youtube about Soul, and was very impressed.

    Thank you again so very much


    1. administrator

      Hi Brenda,

      Nice to meet you. Proform is owned by ICON which is the largest fitness equipment manufacturer in the world. Icon also builds NordicTrack. Due to the size of the company, the economies of scale are greater so often you may get more bang for your buck with Proform. However, for durability and simplicity, in my opinion you can’t go wrong with Sole. Let me know if you end up purchasing one, or have additional questions.



    2. Ward

      My wife and I would encourage you to go with the Proform Pro 12.9 or Pro 16.9. We had the opportunity to test both the Proform and Sole brands and the Proform won by a land slide. The Sole is a moderate rated machine where as the Proform is at the top of the game. We settled on the Pro Smart 16.9. Fit, finish and options available are the best in the market.


  6. administrator

    Thanks more question. Is there a difference between the ProForm Pro 16.9 Elliptical and the ProForm SMART Pro 16.9 elliptical?

    Hi Debby, the “SMART” model is the most up to date version available. I’m not sure of the differences between the newer style versus the older model.


    1. administrator

      Hi Debby,
      The Proform Smart Pro 16.9 Elliptical is rated to accommodate users up to 375 lbs. Let me know if you have additional questions. thanks, brad


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