Getting the right elliptical for your body and budget!

Stairclimbing Can Repair and Build Heart Muscle

heart diseaseEvery 36 seconds, someone dies from cardiovascular disease in the United States. In fact, heart disease is the leading cause of death for men and women in our country (1). Heart attacks and other cardiovascular problems become more common every year. And as more and more people in the United States are diagnosed with diabetes and obesity, the number of people at risk of heart disease continues to grow.

Now, more than ever, your heart health should be your top priority. Many people know that eating right – especially staying away from sugary drinks and fatty foods that clog your arteries – and exercising regularly are key in keeping your heart healthy. But it turns out, certain exercises are better for your heart than others.

Stairclimbing is one of the best exercises for your heart – even if you’ve suffered from heart disease in the past! It’s a fast way to improve heart and muscle fitness and give you a great workout as well.  Continue reading

Don’t Let Holiday Feasts Wreck Your Workout Routine

It’s the holiday season – and that means pumpkin pie, stuffing, loads of mashed potatoes and gravy and, of course, turkey. This year, although your family gatherings were probably be a little smaller (or they might even be through Zoom), some things will never change – great food, football, and…. skipping your workouts for the next few days.

But instead of watching your treadmill accumulate dust while finishing off a turkey sandwich and pre-Christmas cookies, this year you can start working off that pumpkin pie with these three great post-thanksgiving workouts. These workouts are perfect for the day after a holiday to get your body back into workout mode.

Don’t be too crazy obsessed about calories for your holiday meal – after all, this season only comes once a year. But, don’t let your cheat meal turn into a cheat week, and make sure to get moving and do something active the day after your festivities.

We’ve prepared three great workout options to help you get moving and start burning off all those holiday calories. Continue reading