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5 Benefits of an Elliptical Trainer

Elliptical Trainer Benefit #1 – Very Low Impact

cardiohiit-trainerpro_feetMost lower body injuries from exercising come from “impact”. This impact can affect your ankles, knees and lower back.   When you walk, jog or run there is some type of impact.  In fact, when you run you can hit the surface with up to 2.5 times your body weight.  If you are a regular runner that constant impact can take its toll on your body.   If you are overweight, the impact of walking can also have a negative effect.

The elliptical trainer was designed to significantly reduce the impact to your joints.  Your lower body works in an elliptical motion.  It is as if you are running in the air.  There is no lifting or reverse motion.  Your feet never leave the pedals.  There is some pressure to your lower joint, but is considerable less than what you experience walking, jogging or running.

There are many more health benefits to using an elliptical.  Exercise can help slow the process of aging, reduce stress, and even help individuals manage conditions like insomnia and ADHD.  Overall, it’s a great way to make both your body and mind happier and healthier!

Elliptical Trainer Benefit #2 – Dual Action Workout

An elliptical trainer offers the advantage of exercising both your upper and lower body simultaneously.  That allows you to tone both your upper and lower body muscles.  Some studies suggest by exercising more muscles groups you are burning more calories more efficiently.  In fact, these reports that suggest you have a lower perceived level of exertion.  You are working out harder without noticing it.


It should be noted that with the upper body workout you are only toning certain muscles, and it is important to consider alternative weight resistant exercises to compliment your crosstraining workout on an elliptical trainer.

Elliptical Trainer Benefit #3 – Fewer Mechanical Issues

An elliptical trainer has certain mechanical advantages over a treadmill that result in fewer service issues. A treadmill must withstand the constant abuse that comes with the pounding from walking, jogging or running.  This constant impact can take its toll on a treadmill over time.

In addition, there are more moving parts on a treadmill.  You have a motor that is constantly turning rollers that move a treadbelt over a deck.  Combine all these moving parts with the constant impact of a user and you have a formula for problems.

An elliptical trainer, in contrast, has fewer moving parts, which means fewer parts that can fail.  For example, an elliptical relies on the user’s exertion to drive the machine, not a motor.  Furthermore, since there is not impact with the elliptical motion, the machine experiences less abuse.  Fewer moving parts and less impact result in fewer mechanical issues.

Elliptical Trainer Benefit #4 – Exercising in the Convenience of Your Home

One of the major deterrents to exercise is getting to the place where you need to exercise, like the gym or local health club. If you have to get into a car and fight traffic to do something you probably are not really into, you probably will blow if off. Some people may waste an hour just getting back and forth to the gym. When the equipment is in your home it just makes it so much easier.

Elliptical Trainer Benefit #5 – The Guilt Trip

After spending money on an elliptical trainer you inevitably feel guilty when you do not use it. It stares at you and reminds you that you should get off your butt, put down unhealthy foods, and burn some calories.

Not too many years ago if you went to a health club you would see a row of treadmills and maybe a couple of elliptical trainers. Now you will probably see equal numbers.  Elliptical trainers are proving to be the choice for a cardio workout, particularly for individuals who want a combined workout that is friendlier to their joints.

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