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Bowflex’s New Max Intelligence

(Last Updated On: February 28, 2019)

What To Know About Bowflex’s New Intelligent Fitness App

Oops they did it again! Bowflex released something new and awesome!

Bowflex recently released a new “Max” Intelligence app to serve as your personal concierge of fitness!  It is featured on the new M6 and M8 Max Trainer machines.  This artificial intelligence monitors your fitness progress and tailors your workout experience each and every day.  It’s like having a personal trainer right there with you, every time you step on your machine.

What Does Max Intelligence Do?

Normally, fitness programs can’t do a good job of serving the individual.  Instead, they have a pre-programmed workout that is used time and again.  Bowflex’s “Max” tries to match each workout to your fitness levels, abilities and goals.

Each workout you do on your Max Trainer is tailored to you. Bowflex calls this Dynamic Coaching, which starts with an initial evaluation. Then the app creates and delivers progressive workout sessions that are designed to target your needs, and grow with your abilities.

In addition to Dynamic Coaching, Max Intelligence gives you access to Bowflex’s library of on-demand trainer-led video classes to give you an even wider range of workout options. Use the RunSocial program to pick a video route around the globe and invite your friends to join you for a virtual workout session on the beach. Max Intelligence also lets you keep your favorite tunes going with access to Bowflex radio, which streams your music directly to your machine.

How Does It Work?

When you get your Max Trainer and sign-up for Max Intelligence, the first step is to perform your fitness assessment and choose your personal goals. This is a short one-time workout to determine your starting point on your fitness journey. This assessment helps the app compile your first custom workout.

Each custom workout after that is based on your prior workout history. The app will allow you to access new workouts every 12 hours, or as soon as you complete your current recommended workout.

Max Intelligence uses an algorithm that compiles your calorie-burn history, how many calories are burned and how fast it happens, to create workouts that will work the best for your individual abilities.

According to Bowflex, “The goal of these customized workouts is to help you burn the most calories and improve your fitness, all while staying within the realm of your unique capabilities.” 

Bowflex Max Trainer M7
Bowflex Max Trainer M6 – Read our full review here.

To do this, Max Intelligence adjusts the difficulty, which is called your target burn rate, and the time duration of each workout. If you aren’t hitting your target burn rate, Max will tell you to slow down or speed up to keep you on track. You will also be congratulated when you accomplish your goals during the workout.

If at any point you feel like the recommended workouts aren’t challenging you enough or you need something else, you can make adjustments. You have the option to either adjust the target burn rate and time manually, or you can re-take your assessment to reset your customized workouts.

Meet Your Coach

Your Max Intelligence sessions will be guided by “Max,” your personal trainer. Max’s voice is the one that you will hear for instructions and motivation during your workouts. There are also tone-based sounds that will indicate changes in your workout, such as the beginning and ends of intervals.

What Do You Need To Use Max Intelligence?

First and foremost, Max Intelligence is a paid subscription service available on the Bowflex Max Trainer M6 and M8 models, the M3 does not support Max Intelligence. Subscription rates are going to run you $14.95/month or $149 for an annual subscription.

You will also want to note that this is an app that needs to be downloaded to your own device. The Max Trainer M6 and M8 models have an interactive backlit display only, so your personal tablet or device functions as the Max Intelligence screen. The app works with Apple devices using iOS 11.0 or greater and most Android devices using version 6.0 or higher.

This is the reason that Bowflex now offers the Performance Pack option on the M8 model. There is no difference between the machines with these models, the price difference is because you to get the Samsung Galaxy Tab E 9.6” tablet with your machine when you purchase the M8 Performance Pack option. Also note that the M6 model does not have the option to purchase the tablet with the machine.

To connect to the Max Intelligence app your tablet must have an internet connection and Bluetooth capability. The internet connection is so that your tablet can connect to the app and the Bluetooth connection serves to connect your tablet to your machine.

bowflex max trainers

All in all, the idea of an evolving personal trainer to keep you motivated and making progress is really exciting. We see live trainer-led sessions in programs like iFit, available through other companies, but Max Intelligence takes that one step further. When your machine is literally working with you to create a plan focused on your individual goals, there nothing holding you back. Check out to learn more about this great new feature.

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