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Precor EFX 225 Energy Series Elliptical Review

Brand: Precor
Expert Rating: 5 stars!

The EFX 225 is On Sale


One of the Most Durable Cross Trainers for the Home

Precor EFX 225 Elliptical Trainer ReviewThe new Precor EFX 225 elliptical trainer replaces the Precor 5.25. It is designed for serious users, multiple users and individuals who want the best in home fitness equipment. For years Precor has received “Best Buy” ratings for their elliptical trainers. They invented the concept of elliptical training, and have been one of the top players in the high-end market ever since.

Their commercial elliptical are a favorite at health clubs and are built to withstand the rigors of that environment. Their residential models are based on their commercial models and are some of the most durable crosstrainers built for the home. Their service issues for new models is a fraction of the industry standard.

The Precor EFX 225 elliptical is their least expensive model that has both the power incline and the upper body workout. Of course, you also get the most natural feeling elliptical strides in the industry.

Precor EFX 225 CrossRamp Technology

One of the problems with most elliptical trainers is the fixed elliptical motion. Your lower body goes through the same repetitious stride. Consequently, you workout limited muscles. Precor solved this problem through their patented CrossRamp Technology. Basically, they added the ability to incline the elliptical motion, just like the incline on a treadmill.

Precor EFX 225 console The Precor EFX 225 elliptical trainer allows you to adjust the incline from 15 to 25 degrees. In the process you isolate and work your glutes, quads, hamstrings and calves. As you move the ramp up and down you can feel the strain on your different muscles, something that doesn’t happen on a fixed ramp elliptical.

Other brands have been able to get around this patent by coming up with a incline design that has compromises. The Precor CrossRamp technology found on the EFX 225 maintains a true elliptical motion as you raise the incline, the other versions distort the motion when it is inclined, resulting in stress and strain to your joints.

Precor Quality and Durability

There is no getting around the fact that Precor Elliptical Trainers are expensive. They charge a premium and get it. There are two reasons.

First, their elliptical trainers provide a cardio exercise that mimics the way you move. Consequently, you tend to get more results with a lower perceived rate of exertion. Over the years the company has expended considerably resources on R&D in order to give you the “Precor” workout experience.

Second, as mentioned, the residential ellipticals are a by product of the commercial models. The biomechanic features that have worked so well in commercial environment are utilized on their resisdential models.

Note: All 200 Energy series Precor ellipticals are built in Taiwan, although they still have an exceptional level of quality and durability. Their 400 Precision series are built in the U.S. and utilize many of the same components found in their commercial models. For most, the 200 series is more than adequate and the 400 series can almost be an overkill for residential use.

Our Review – Precor EFX 225 Elliptical Trainer

I’ve always been impressed with Precor products, however, when I recently visited their operation in Woodinville, WA, my respect for the company increased further. The personnel are fanatical about the Precor mission, which is to offer the finest fitness equipment on the planet. The Precor EFX 225 is an example of that fanaticism. It is an extremely durable machine that provides and exceptional crosstraining experience. The kind of experience that will keep you coming back to your machine over and over.

Customer Review

Review of the Precor 5.25, which is now the 225 – A home product that feels and looks like the one at the gym but is smaller, lighter and reasonably priced. I tried it at my local fitness store the other day and am going to buy one this week. I think it is even smoother than the one at my gym. Thank you Precor! Keep working on those gym quality machines that will fit in a smaller space at home!

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