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Precor EFX 447 Elliptical Review

Brand: Precor
Expert Rating: 5 stars!

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A Serious Machine for Serious Users

Precor EFX 447 Elliptical Trainer ReviewThe 2015 Precor EFX 447 elliptical is their top of the line commercial grade crosstrainer for the home.  It is not cheap and typically sells for around $6,000, but what you are getting is a serious machine, designed for serious users. In fact, the design is very similar to the models that are sold for light commercial use – apartment complexes, fire stations, hotels, etc. , and many of the components on the EFX 447 are the same that are used in the commercial models.

It is the similarity between the commercial models and top grade residential models that distinguishes Precor from the competition.   The commercial environment becomes the testing ground for  Precor home ellipticals, and the result is some of the most durable crosstrainers in industry.  In fact, Precor has one of the lowest rates for service issues on new product deliveries.

Precor EFX 447 Elliptical Trainer Features

Smooth, Natural Elliptical Motion — The elliptical motion is like no other.  Precor invented the concept of the elliptical trainer.  It was based on extensive research and development, and the design is protected by strict patents.  It is this fluid and nature motion that distinguishes their elliptical, and it is one of the reasons people are willing to pay a premium.

CrossRamp Technology — The other feature that contributes to the Precor reputation is the CrossRamp technology, which allows you to incline the elliptical motion.  By increasing the angle of the elliptical motion you are able to target a variety of lower body muscles, in addition to increasing your cardio burn.  What distinguishes the CrossRamp from other incline designs is that as you raise the incline you maintain an true elliptical motion.  Once again this is covered by one of many Precor patents.  In order to get around this patent other companies have to compromise on their incline design.

The combination of the CrossRamp Technology and the smooth, natural elliptical motion, results in a  workout that has a lower level of perceived exertion.  You are getting more results with the perception that you are exercising less.  It should be noted that the Precor EFX 447 is their only model that lets you increase the incline to a steep 40 degrees.   The others top at 25 and 30 degrees.

Convertible Handlebars — The EFX 447 is the only model that allows you to disengage the upper body handlebars.  There are many Precor converts who are solely focused on the benefits of the lower body workout.  In fact, it was suggested to me by a representative of the company that just utilizing the lower body exercise will get you the most intense cardio burn, since your lower body consists of the largest muscle groups and they burn calories more effectively.  By using the upper body feature you divide the resistance and consequently reduce the efficiency.  Regardless, whether you are a purist and prefer only the lower body workout, or you want to target both your upper and lower body, you have a choice.

Upgraded Console

Precor EFX 447 ConsoleThe Precor EFX 445 comes with the new 40 premium console.It is designed to maximize and personalized your workout. You pay a premium for this option, but the numerous features justify the cost. They include…

  • 7′ color liquid crystal display
  • Lever style motion control for easy adjustment of the resistance and incline
  • 4 user IDs for storing individual stats.
  • Suggested workouts based on your fitness goals
  • 24 preset workouts
  • 27 feedback metrics, includes 5 graphs
  • Touch or wireless heart rate monitoring
  • Heart rate target zone monitoring
  • Ability to save your workout for future use (16 total)
  • USB port for smartphones or tablets with plugin for headphones
  • Ability to download future software updates
  • Reading racks with clips for tablet
  • Priva Compatible, allowing you to store your stats online.

The console on the Precor EFX 445 is Priva compatible. Priva is Precor’s mobile app. You can save your workout through the USB port to a mobile device and download it to your online account. Through your account you can store workouts, get training recommendations and record your workout stats. Having the ability to record and review your stats is a great way to motivate you to achieve your fitness goals.

240 Lbs. Unit Weight — The Precor EFX 447 has a hefty 240 lb. weight, which means it is extremely stable.  You probably want to opt for inside delivery if you purchase one.

Warranty — Lifetime frame and welds, 10 year parts and 1 year labor. The 10 years parts coverage tells you something about the reliability of the components.

Our Reviews – Precor EFX 447

When I was at the corporate headquarters I asked who is the target market for a $6,000 commercial grade residential treadmill.  The answer was, “A serious user.”  This would be someone who is serious about losing weight or staying in shape and wants the very best. It is also someone who wants to enhance their workout with state-of-the-art interactive technology. The Precor EFX 447 is not only the best elliptical the company sells, it may be the best home elliptical in the industry.

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