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ProForm Carbon H10 Elliptical Trainer Review

Brand: ProForm
Expert Rating: 3.5 stars

The ProForm Carbon H10 Elliptical Trainer is On Sale!


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Previously known as the Carbon HIIT H7, the Carbon HIIT H10 from ProForm knocks it out of the park.

It is normal to see new machines offered by at-home fitness manufacturers at the start of a new year. What we don’t normally see is companies changing how you purchase those machines. 

That is exactly what we are seeing with the ProForm+ program and it’s an exciting shift. This new way of doing things allows you to get a new Carbon HIIT H10 for free, yes free, when you purchase iFit.

You may be thinking you read that wrong, but you didn’t. Instead of purchasing a new machine and then having the option to buy iFit’s interactive training technology at an additional cost, you commit to a 3-year subscription to iFit and get the machine at no cost.

Let’s look at the numbers to put things in perspective.  The 3-year commitment to iFit is $39/month, that’s $1404 total. And you get the Carbon H10 for free.  

To highlight what a great deal that is, let’s look at the alternative. You could purchase a Smart HIIT Trainer from ProForm and decide later if you want to pay for iFit. That machine would cost you $1999 on its own, not to mention the added cost if you decided to add iFit. By taking advantage of the ProForm+ option, you’re saving nearly $600 and gaining access to everything that iFit has to offer.

The ProForm Carbon HIIT H110 is currently FREE with a 3 year iFit Membership. That’s a total of $1,404 for this machine + your iFit Membership. Financing is available for as little as $39/month. Free shipping and a 30 day money back guarantee.

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ProForm Carbon HIIT H10 Elliptical Trainer Features

First and foremost, let’s talk about what makes the Carbon HIIT H10 different from treadmills and ellipticals that you may have used in the past. The Carbon H10 is essentially a vertical elliptical and it’s designed to get you a killer workout in the shortest amount of time. 

The steep incline combined with the multi-function handlebars activates more muscle groups in both your lower and upper body. They don’t call it an HIIT machine for no reason. High-intensity interval training is exactly what you’ll get every time you use it. Benefits of an HIIT session include a full-body workout, boosting your metabolism and facilitating fat burning even after your workout is complete.

30 Lb. FlywheelThis is a heavy flywheel for an at-home fitness machine and it’s a major perk. A heavier flywheel helps the machine to work more efficiently, meaning a longer lifespan for the Carbon H10 and more workouts for you.

It also ensures a smoother, quieter experience. This is great for both the user and those around them. The people that share your home, or your neighbors, don’t necessarily want to participate in your workout too.

Smaller Footprint – The Carbon HIIT H10 is great if you live in a small space, share that space with others, or just don’t want your fitness equipment to be the focal point of a room. At just 66.7” x 29.25”, the machine takes up far less space than a treadmill or elliptical without sacrificing any of the performance.

The Carbon H10 is also fitted with front-mounted transport wheels so you can easily move it out of the way when you aren’t using it.

24 Resistance Levels —  There’s no doubt that you’ll be able to challenge yourself on the Carbon H10. With 24 resistance levels, even the most seasoned of users will find a challenge.

Full-Body Workout — We mentioned this above, but it’s worth pointing out that with the Carbon H10 you’re working all of your major muscle groups at once. The vertical elliptical engages your lower body, the multi-function handlebars challenge your upper body, and the combination of the two will keep your core working the whole time.

7” Smart HD Touchscreen— Since the Carbon H10 is made to be used with iFit, it should come as no surprise that it has an HD Touchscreen. This isn’t the largest screen on the market, but it will allow you to immerse yourself in everything iFit has to offer.

Also keep in mind that giant HD touchscreens are a key factor that drives up the price of any machine. Since you’re getting the Carbon H10 for free…you’re still coming out ahead.

iFit Interactive Technology — With the ProForm+ program, you’re paying for the iFit subscription, so what exactly does that get you and why should you care?

Live Interactive TrainingWe all love the idea of training at home, but that’s not the same as actually knowing what you’re doing to get the best results. With iFit you have the benefit of a professional trainer in your home with you anytime. You can join a studio session and get that motivational group energy, or “meet” your trainer for a guided outdoor session that’s all about you.

During these sessions, the trainer controls the machine to ensure you’re doing exactly what the routine requires. This means you’re getting the results you want without having to wonder if you’re doing it right, or worrying about changing setting at the right time.

Video Routes Why limit your scenery to the furnishings of your living room? With iFit’s video routes recorded all around the globe, you can climb your way up mountain vistas or trek along a beautiful beach. Take in the amazing scenery and take your mind off the work.

Extensive Video LibraryMaybe you don’t want a trainer or a virtual trip to exotic locations, iFit still has you covered. While the Carbon H10 may not have the pro-programmed workouts that you’re used to, it has a workout library that packs way more than your typical routines.

This includes something for every ability level and workouts you can do off your machine. Take advantage of iFit on your rest days with some yoga, or get in your strength training. You won’t miss those pre-programmed workouts, we promise.

Our Review — ProForm Carbon HIIT H10 Elliptical Trainer

The Carbon HIIT H10 as part of the new ProForm+ program genuinely doesn’t seem to have any downsides. I know that sounds too good to be true, but let’s look at the facts.

The Carbon HIIT H10 is an amazing machine, built by a company that we trust to put out high-quality performance machines. This particular machine provides a high-intensity workout in a low-impact package, making it great for everyone. You’ll work more muscle groups, boost your metabolism and continue to burn fat even when your workout is done. 

For the cost of $1404, you get a quality machine, plus all of iFit’s interactive training to guarantee you’re getting the most out of each workout.

ProForm backs this up with a warranty that is exactly what we would expect from them. You get 10-year frame, 2-year parts and 1-year labor coverage. This is the same warranty that you get with any of their machines, including those that you’d pay full price for. That says a lot about ProForm as a company and the quality of their machines.

All in all, you can’t go wrong with this. ProForm is changing how you work out at home and they’re hitting it out of the park with this one.

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11 thoughts on “ProForm Carbon HIIT H10”

  1. TanyaA

    Best machine I ever bought! I was looking for something compact for small space also not too high that it wouldnt fit in my low ceiling basement. I was also looking dor something that would work my whole body in a short amount of time and keep me motivated! I love this machine and its the ifit trainer part that brings this whole thing to anither level!! It is even cooler than described above. I look forward to my workouts. Yo I can join a 1 month program, several month program, they keep track of all ypur hard work with dates, distance, calories burned, effort level etc. Also when your doing the workouts you see a list to the side of everyone else who is doing the workouts with you. Your can take a hike or walk or even a run with a trainer in different parts of the world and it feels like you are there with them! Machine automatically changes resistance to match terrain. Its pretty awesome. The instructors keep your motivated and engaged and you start to see results fast! Within the 1st 3-4 weeks people already started to compliment me on how I looked. They even asked what I was doing! I was more than happy to share my little secret! I highly recommend this product! You feel like your at the gym but your at home! If your serious about getting in shape but dont know where to start. This will definitely get that ball rolling. Helps you build your strength, endurance, sculpts you etc. You will be motivated to stay on tract when you see the results you get after just a few weeks! BEST investment I ever made in a machine and in my health!! Buy it and try it! You wont be disappointed!!


  2. Rachel Derriman

    Hi there
    I have always found with elliptical machines the rise of my heel through part of the motion while toes dig in has put so much pressure on my ankles and I have a weakness there whereas a stair climber you can keep foot evenly flat and concentrate weight through the central foot. Is this machine more like a stair climber action allowing heel to stay down?


    1. Site Admin Post author

      Hi Rachel, yes! Both the HIIT H7 and the HIIT H14 are function more as a stair climber since they have both a vertical and horizontal motion path


  3. Trixie

    Why did this get a rating of 3 1/2 stars when the review is so glowing? What problems were noted that it scored so low?


    1. Site Admin Post author

      Hi Trixie, we have downgraded the stars on this machine solely because there is over a 2 month shipping delay on it currently so that is reflected in our star rating. Hope this helps!


  4. Anita Olson

    I have rheumatoid arthritis that affects 100% of my joints. I need a machine that will have minimal impact especially on my hips knees and ankles. Will this machine provide that type of workout? I have used elliptical machines and treadclimbers and while I like both of them they tend to make my feet numb after about half an hour. I don’t want to spend the money and have another machine that is difficult for me to use.


    1. Site Admin Post author

      Hi Anita! It’s actually more common than you think for people to experience numbness while using elliptical trainers because your feet are never leaving the pedals! A remedy to this issue is to take breaks, or rotate picking one foot up to allow circulation. As far as your joints, this machine is ideal for someone looking for minimal joint impact. I hope this helps you.


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