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Horizon Fitness Elliptical Reviews

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Horizon Elliptical ReviewsThe quality of Horizon Fitness Ellipticals puts them among some of the best available. We were recently at the North American corporate headquarters of Horizon Fitness, which is owned by Johnson Health.  It’s the same parent company that produces Vision Fitness and Matrix Fitness products.

The facilities were impressive with a huge workout center for the staff to actually exercise on the machines they design and promote. It was great to see everyone testing out the Horizon Fitness ellipticals.

Brad Heath at the Horizon Fitness company headquarters.

Brad Heath at the Horizon Fitness company headquarters.

The Horizon Fitness folks took a new approach to designing this next generation of Horizon ellipticals by interviewing customers and prospective customers to find out what their priorities were in selecting an elliptical. Out of these encounters they developed the foundation of their ellipticals with the SIX STAR Certification. A series of biomechanical features designed to give the Horizon Fitness ellipticals a natural and comfortable feel. These steps toward customer satisfaction is why we like taking the time to do Horizon Elliptical Reviews.

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Horizon 7.0AE Elliptical — $999

*Best Buy Recommendation
(See a complete comparison chart of all Horizon Ellipticals here.)
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What Sets Horizon Fitness Apart?

  1.  They Manufacture Their Own Components – A fancy term for this is “vertical integration.”  Basically, this means that all Horizon Ellipticals have parts built by Horizon as opposed to 3rd party companies.  The results are machines that fit together better and have fewer maintenance issues.
  2. Johnson fitness facilities

    Rachael and Brad in Wisconsin to visit Johnson facilities.

    Excellent Customer Service – We got a chance to see the call center during our last visit.  They had machines available to the customer service reps so that they could look at working models while on calls with customers.  Customer service is one area where many companies struggle, so we were pleased to see a well-stocked call center with many knowledgeable reps ready to field income calls.

  3. Strong Company Culture – A company that treats their employees well is going to treat their customers even better.  We were impressed with the company culture that promotes health and well being.  To give you two examples: there is an employee fitness center and the company hosts company-wide yoga sessions on the front lawn.

Horizon Fitness Elliptical Reviews

Horizon EX-59 Elliptical — $699 (Best Buy Recommendation)
This is one of the better budget elliptical trainersIt has a 4.5″ Yellow-Green LCD Display, 18″ stride, and 10 levels of magnetic resistance.

Horizon 7.0AE Elliptical – $999
23 lb. flywheel, 20″ stride, 20 incline levels, 7″ LCD touchscreen

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Horizon Fitness Elliptical Optional Interactive Technology

Passport — Passport lets you simulate running or walking famous landscapes throughout the world. Your Horizon Fitness elliptical trainer can connect to your TV and provides high-definition videos on your television. The videos are synced with speed and intensity of your workout. This feature is designed to take the monotony out of exercising in place. There is an additional cost for the Passport box.

Exclusive App Discounts — Horizon offers something pretty special to their customers known as the Digital Pass. After purchasing an elliptical from Horizon, consumers can enjoy some pretty big savings on top fitness apps that work with your machine like Peleton, Daily Burn, and Studio.

SIXSTAR Certification

1. Ideal Pedal Placement — Pedals are placed with zero distance between them to eliminate stress on hips and back. This makes them ideal for women because of their unique and adoring physique.

Team member Rachael taking a closer look at Horizon Fitness treadmills.

Team member Rachael taking a closer look at Horizon Fitness treadmills.

2. Optimal Handlebar Spacing — Grips are within optimal reach and distance for both small and large framed users.

3. Straight-up Body Posture — Keeps your body upright for improved comfort. We’ve noticed that when we work out on a front drive elliptical we are always leaning forward to use the handlebars. That is why we often forego the bars altogether and simulate running.

4. Long, Natural Elliptical Stride — Mimics a natural running or walking motion while minimizing fatigue.

5. Low Pedal Placement — Pedals placed low to the ground are easier to step on and off.

6. Smoother Momentum — The large drive pulley ratio creates a smoother and more efficient motion.

Our Thoughts – Horizon Fitness Elliptical

The new generation of SIXSTAR Certification Horizon ellipticals are a vast improvement over their previous generation of crosstrainers. The new elliptical machines appear more stable, durable and provide a more natural elliptical stride.

“As if you were running on air.”

The interactive features found on the Elite and Evolve Horizon Elliptical models are very appealing and will assist you in achieving your fitness goals. We particularly like the Horizon 7.0 AE, as you get a heavy flywheel and a 7″ LCD Screen.

Overall, Horizon Fitness has made some significant improvements to their line-up in the last few years, and offers some of the best values in their price range.  See a complete comparison chart of all Horizon Ellipticals here.

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    What is the stride measurements on the Horizon E30 Elliptical? Is the stride adjustable ? How is that machine for a 220 lb., 6 foot man?


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