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Spirit Fitness XE295 Elliptical Trainer Review

Brand: Spirit
Expert Rating: 3.5 stars

A Durable, Well-Built Machine

Similar in style to the Sole E35 elliptical trainer, the Spirit XE295 is a durable, well-built machine (both are built by Dyaco.) Even Spirit Fitness feels confident about the quality of this product.  As proof, the XE295 is backed by a 10-year warranty on its parts and a lifetime warranty on its frame and resistance brake!  I don’t think you’ll find a better warranty on an elliptical trainer!  This is equivalent to some of the higher price units you would find with Life Fitness.

Like the Sole E35, the Spirit XE295 elliptical weighs around 200 pounds.  Its frame is constructed of heavy-weight, commercial grade steel.  The extra weight may make it more difficult to move the elliptical around, but it also adds to the stability of the XE295.  Lighter weight elliptical machines tend to be a bit wobbly and unstable.

Spirit XE295 Elliptical Features

spirit fitness XE295 console The Sole E35 and the Spirit XE295 have fairly comparable consoles in appearance…both with LCD display windows.  The Sole console has built-in speakers, however, which the Spirit model does not have.

The stride on the Spirit XE295 is 20″.  This is generally a comfortable stride for average-to-taller users.  Shorter individuals may find the 20” stride a bit too large.  In that case, I would recommend an elliptical with a smaller stride that feels more comfortable.

The pedals on the XE295 are oversized and have a three-position angle adjustment using a rear-mounted, spring-loaded pop-pin.  A slight adjustment of the pedals can create a better fit and a smoother, more pleasant workout experience.  This can reduce numbness in the toes and pounding to your heal, since the foot is more level with the motion and less likely to have to raise to me the pedal.

By grasping the moving handlebars as you pedal, you will simultaneously work both the upper and lower body.  As a result, you will burn calories more efficiently and achieve desired results more quickly.

The eight workout programs on the Spirit XE295 provide variety to challenge you and keep you motivated to reach your fitness goals.  The cooling fan in the console helps make your workout sessions cooler and more tolerable.

The heart rate monitoring system includes a Polar telemetry belt.  Heart rate may also be monitored through sensors in the stationary handle-grips.  This system makes it easy to achieve and maintain your targeted heart rate.

Four concave wheels keep the motion of the elliptical smooth and fluid.  The double wheels on each side follow the guide rails without easily coming off track (an issue found on cheaper elliptical trainers).  This design reduces left to right movement of the pedals.

Our Review—Spirit Fitness XE295 Elliptical Trainer

The Spirit XE295 elliptical trainer is a durable, dependable piece of fitness equipment.  It looks similar to Sole’s E35 elliptical and is made of similar high-quality materials.

A couple of features are found on the Sole E35 which are lacking on the XE295.  As mentioned previously, the E35 has built-in speakers for use with an iPod or MP3 player.  The XE295 has no built-in speakers.  The Sole model has a power incline feature that adjusts from 15 to 40 degrees for a more intense lower body workout.  The Spirit XE295 is not an inclining elliptical trainer.

The Spirit XE295 is built to last and normally requires little, if any, maintenance.  It also has great warranties to back it up.  It would be a good machine to own…even though it is a little pricey.  On the other hand, for around the same price, you can get the Sole E35 with the extra features and a 2-year service warranty.

It really comes down to price between the two units.  If selling for around the same, the Sole E35 makes more sense.

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