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Vision Fitness Elliptical Reviews

Vision Fitness Ellipticals are by the same company that makes Horizon and Matrix Fitness. The company that makes it is Johnson Fitness, a long-time player in the market of fitness equipment. Originally Johnson Health Tech., it includes various fitness and wellness brands with multiple sales channels and retail stores. Vision Fitness was one of the first brands to offer suspension ellipticals. They have years of experience under their belt and are a reputable brand. Our team headed to the Vision Fitness headquarters in Cottage Grove, WI to check out their popular elliptical trainers. 

Basic Features of Vision Fitness Ellipticals

The basic features of Vision Fitness Ellipticals are as follows: 

  • Their machines have a reasonably durable build
  • They have multiple console options
  • The incline is adjustable on many of the models 
  • The flywheels make these ellipticals quite stable 
  • The stride is adjustable so you can find the stride that feels natural 
  • The suspension design makes for a quiet workout 
  • The machines allow you to track your heart rate through a wireless receiver 
  • The console has an LED display that allows you to view time, distance, calories, watts, speed, resistance, incline, strides per minute, or heart rate
  • Some models have a steel frame that increases durability
  • The pedals are cushioned to be more comfortable

Vision Fitness Elliptical Models 

All the Vision Fitness Ellipticals offered now come with the suspension design, which seems to be their main feature and offers smoother motion. The main models now available are the S7100 HRT Suspension Elliptical, the S700E Ascent Trainer, and the S60 Suspension Elliptical

S7100 HRT Suspension Elliptical

Vision Fitness S7100 HRT Suspension Elliptical - www.holmescycling.comThe S7100 HRT Suspension Elliptical is designed for comfort. It comes with PerfectStride technology which brings together an optimum stride motion and a variable stride length. It allows for variable stride motion which is useful because you can adjust it to target different muscles when working out. We found that its features allowed for a natural workout feel without artificial restraint. Its features include:

  • 17 programs
  • An adjustable incline
  • Sprint 8 programming
  • A Passport Media Player that allows users to hike or walk on scenic routes around the globe
  • Variable Stride Length – 20″–21.5″
  • Water bottle holder and accessory tray

S700E Ascent Trainer

Vision FitnessThe S700E Ascent Trainer has a large touchscreen console that has options like fitness apps, workout programs, and streaming entertainment programs. It has an adjustable incline and variable stride length. The two main defining features of this model seem to be the handlebars which have variable positions and the option to stream entertainment.

Some of its features include: 

  • Incline Range – 18%–37%
  • Flywheel Weight – 23 lbs
  • Resistance System – ECB magnetic braking system
  • Resistance Range – 1–20
  • Pedal Type – Oversized with rubber inserts
  • Pedal Spacing- 5.1 cm / 2”
  • Handlebar Type – Multi-position with rubberized grip

S60 Suspension Elliptical

Vision Fitness S60 Suspension Elliptical™ Trainer | Elliptical MachineThe S60 Suspension Elliptical is self-powered and can support a user weight of up to 400 pounds. It has a lifetime frame warranty, 7 years warranty for parts, and 2 years for labor. This elliptical is supposed to be more accessible than the others. However, rather than being more accessible, it seems to just offer fewer features than the other models without making things less expensive. For example, it doesn’t have an adjustable stride length.

Some of its features are: 

  • Stride Length – 21″ 
  • Pedal Type – Oversized with rubber inserts
  • Pedal Spacing – 2″
  • Handlebar Type – Standard foam grips
  • Water bottle holder
  • Reading rack

What to Expect with Vision Fitness?

Investing in fitness equipment is not just about the product. Once you buy the product, you realize how helpful it is to have a brand ethic that is supportive and helpful. In case of any troubleshooting or maintenance needs, or if you find any problems in your machine, you will want to have available customer support and accessible maintenance. Vision Fitness has good customer service. As a whole, Vision Fitness as a brand has certain features that we found to be worth mentioning. 

  1. Vertical Integration – Vision Fitness manufactures its own machine parts instead of getting its parts from outside parties. This results in more integrated machines and easier maintenance. 
  2. Strong Customer Service – We actually visited the customer call center at the headquarters in Wisconsin. We found that their customer service is taken seriously and that they dedicate a lot of attention to the queries and needs of their customers. 
  3. Company Culture – Johnson Fitness, the company that makes Vision Fitness Ellipticals, treats its employees well and maintains a positive company culture. There were fitness centers for employees as well as wellness programs. 

We visited different fitness equipment stores and spoke to the sales representatives and general managers to get a better idea about the products. The general feedback we got was positive in the sense that the machines are low maintenance. 

However, apart from these positive brand attributes, the actual machines were quite disappointing on the whole. We were expecting better from this brand. While Vision Fitness has a longstanding brand reputation, it does not seem to be living up to that reputation in terms of the actual features of its machines and the pricing they come with.

While there seemed to be a lot of advanced features, they were pretty much just more complicated versions of basic features that you find on most fitness machines. They seemed to make the process more cumbersome in just figuring out what is what. For example, having 3 LED windows or having the option to stream entertainment are features that don’t really up the quality or the overall fitness experience while you workout. They also increase the price and make you pay more for all those features.

Even the supposedly more accessible model that is the S60 suspension model just seems to have fewer features while continuing to be expensive. We would have liked to have found a model that offered the important features without all the extras and allowed the user to focus on their exercise without having to focus so much on the elliptical.

Our Take on Vision Fitness Ellipticals 

We found that Vision Fitness as a brand has positive indicators like good customer support and vertical integration. In terms of their machines, the suspension ellipticals are what they are known for. As of the present, most of their models are suspension ellipticals. We found that the suspension ellipticals make for a quiet workout and in this way bring about a smoother experience. They also have some good features like an adjustable stride and a decent flywheel. 

Vision Fitness used to offer commercial ellipticals as well as ellipticals for home and residential use. However, the website now shows only the regular use ellipticals and no commercial ones. Other models might still be selling on e-retail platforms.  

Some of the features we liked when we tried out their machines were the adjustable strides and the suspension ellipticals. The warranties were also decent and the machines seemed reasonably durable, though not as solid as more quality brands. 

Apart from these features, we found that there were not many features that made their machines stand out to us, as compared to other fitness brands that offer many useful features along with quality and durability. We also found that some of the models had a lot of extra features that were complex but not always very useful. If you want certain good features, you have to buy a complex model and pay a lot for extra features like entertainment.

The models are pricey and don’t seem to offer you your money’s worth. It would have been good if they had different kinds of models – some more advanced and some more basic with more accessible features. 

A Reliable Alternative: Horizon Fitness 

If you are looking for better features along with quality and durability, you could consider Horizon Fitness. It’s a great brand that comes with a reliable reputation. Like Vision Fitness Ellipticals, Horizon Fitness makes its own components for its ellipticals. This vertical integration of Horizon’s manufacturing process is helpful in terms of maintenance and troubleshooting in case there is a problem with the machine functioning or any of its parts.  

Horizon ellipticals are professionally engineered and designed for suitable body positioning. The pedals are spaced apart in such a way that they minimize stress on the hips and back. Horizon also provides a Digital Pass which allows you to save a lot of money on fitness applications like Peleton, Daily Burn, and Studio. These applications are all integrated with Horizon ellipticals.

The machines offer space for taller people too – they have long and comfortable strides. Working out on these machines feels like you are running or brisk walking because the strides are more natural and less restrictive. 

Horizon Fitness EX59 EllipticalWhat’s more, Horizon also offers reasonably priced models that don’t compromise on quality and comfort. Its best-selling model is the Ex-59 Elliptical, which seems to be doing really well. It’s affordable without making you give up on good features. The thing about this model is that it is simple to use because of its intuitive controls.

Yet, it’s also got solid components and a durable make. These machines are built to last. They also have convenient additions like a holder for your device, a USB port, and a Bluetooth connection. They’ve got some great warranties that will keep you covered for the long run.  

Final Take on Vision Fitness Ellipticals

Vision Fitness Ellipticals offer some good features like suspension ellipticals that make for a smoother experience. It’s also nice that these machines don’t make too much noise and allow for a more silent workout. They also have some good features like an adjustable stride and a decent flywheel. They also have some good customer service which is always a plus point. When buying the product, you may not realize it but once you start using it, you will see how important it is to have available customer support. 

However, the features don’t really make them stand out when compared to other brands that offer better features for lower prices, like Horizon Fitness. The machines are expensive without offering models that are less expensive and fancy and more accessible. 

There are better options that are budget-friendly like Horizon. These brands also offer great warranty protection that is worth paying for so that you safeguard your money and peace of mind. 

Using fitness equipment to exercise helps you get into the zone and up your workout game. We cannot underestimate the importance of supportive fitness equipment that makes the workout experience more accessible and convenient. That’s why it’s so important to have equipment that supports you and provides a steady and stable experience while you push yourself to do your best.

In the hectic lives, we live these days, it’s a feat to just get down to doing that workout and making the time for it regularly. You don’t want to make that even harder for yourself by making the workout experience cumbersome and complicated. You want an experience that rewards you for the effort and energy that you are putting in without demanding more effort from you in just figuring it out and getting started. 

To keep up your fitness, you need to find ways to make yourself exercise more regularly. A great way to do this is to get the right fitness equipment. It needs to be the kind of equipment that makes the process of working out comfortable but is also inviting and accessible. The more difficult it seems, the less likely you are to go ahead and do that workout. Horizon ellipticals are easy to get started and this makes you want to work out when you see the machines. 

Horizon Fitness offers an affordable, comfortable and intuitive model that is a reliable option, irrespective of where you are on your fitness journey. It’s a much better value for your money as compared to the Vision Fitness Ellipticals. If you are looking to make a sensible buy that will not give you cause for regret, it’s worth considering the Horizon Fitness ellipticals. 

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