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Top 10 Best Motivational Sports Movies

(Last Updated On: October 11, 2021)

Watch These Inspirational Movies While You Get Your Sweat On

When I was younger, my roommate Tammy and I would try to work out together every morning in our apartment. We were each other’s accountability partners, and we really tried to motivate each other to stick to our workout plans and achieve our fitness goals.

Mohammad Ali

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It was winter, so it was super cold outside, and it rained almost every single day where I lived. As you can imagine, finding motivation to get out of bed in the morning and workout in our living room was often a struggle.

But Tammy had a secret weapon that motivated her to get off the couch and start doing pushups or sit-ups or lift weights there in our living room. What was her secret weapon, you ask? I’m not just going to tell you… I’m going to give it to you!

Her secret motivational weapon was a Mohammad Ali YouTube video that you can check out right here. Every morning, she would watch the video, and it would motivate her to start working out. She watched the video so much that she had almost every word memorized, and every morning she would almost yell the line, “Imma show you how great I am!” (1)

The Power of Motivation

And it worked! Videos and movies can be great motivators to start working out, especially on those days when you’re just not feeling like working out or getting outside to go on your daily run.

If you have a tablet or a TV in your workout space at home, you can even watch inspirational movies while you’re working out. It’s a great way to get through a longer than usual workout or to distract yourself on those long-distance treadmill runs.

We’ve put together a list of 10 incredible motivational sports movies for you to watch while you get your sweat on. So, next time you’re struggling to get started in the morning – first, turn on your TV and queue up one of these inspiring movies. They’re sure to pump you up and get you ready to go!

United Movie#10 United

This stirring movie is based on the true story of the Manchester United soccer team. In 1958, the team was involved in a horrifying airplane crash that killed 8 soccer players. The loss affected not just the team but the entire city. This inspiring movie shows how the team rose from the ashes and went on to become one of England’s greatest soccer teams.

This is a must-see for any soccer fans and a heart-warming story of unity and teamwork. It’s not as well known as some other sports movies, but it definitely makes our list. It also has some awesome shots of the players running through the snow that are sure to motivate you to get out and run rain or shine!

Chasing Mavericks #9 Chasing Mavericks

Although this one is another lesser-known movie, this surfing film won’t disappoint. It’s the story of 15-year-old Jay Moriarty, a surfer who wants to conquer the largest waves on earth. He befriends a local legend and paddles out to surf some of the biggest waves of all time – Mavericks.   

Karate Kid#8 Karate Kid

This fun classic has a ton of great training scenes that are inspiring and fun to mimic (especially if you have a punching bag in your home gym). It’s the inspiring story of mentor Mr. Miyagi training Daniel LaRusso to be able to defend himself against bullies using martial arts skills. When you finish watching the classic 1984 movie, check out the 2010 remake with Jaden Smith and decide which one you like best!

McFarland, USA#7 McFarland, USA

Based on a true story, this movie is about a high school cross-country team from McFarland, California. The odds are stacked against their team that’s made up of 7 boys from a Latino community who have never ran cross-country before. But, with their good-hearted coach and lots of practice, the team comes together to challenge the best high schools in California and run like never before. 

With tons of inspiring running scenes shot in southern California, this feel-good movie will be sure to make you want to get outside and run – even if it’s hot outside. This movie will be available on Disney+ in September.

Rudy Movie#6 Rudy

This classic college football movie is a must-see for all football fans. It’s the story of Notre Dame football player Daniel “Rudy” Ruettiger, who dreams of playing football for the university. It’s a heart-warming story of hard work that pays off and makes dreams come true – and a favorite of college football fans across the country.

Invincible Movie#5 Invincible

Another great football movie, this one is based on the true story of Vince Papale and the Philadelphia Eagles. After his wife leaves him and he loses his job, Vince holds onto his dreams and overcomes all odds when he tries out for the Philadelphia Eagles, his favorite NFL team. Not only does he make the team, but he also goes on to become one of the greatest rookies in the history of football.

Coach Carter#4 Coach Carter

Perhaps the most inspiring movie for sports coaches, this inspiring story featuring Samuel L. Jackson is about a high-school basketball coach who comes to Richmond High School not just to coach basketball, but to change the lives of the boys on his team. In addition to being an inspiring film for anyone who loves basketball, it’s a great social critique as well. It’s a classic movie that shows the influence that just one good person can have on their team, their school, and even their whole community.

Miracle Movie#3 Miracle

When people think of the greatest sports movie of all time, this classic movie often comes to mind. It’s the inspiring story of the 1980 Olympic team overcoming all odds to beat the Soviets on the ice in an incredible hockey game. It’s a true story about head coach Herb Brooks and his team in the 1980 winter Olympics.  

Remember the Titans#2 Remember the Titans

A heartwarming movie based on a true story, Remember the Titans is one of the best sports movies of all time. It’s about a high school football team in Virginia that’s divided by racial tension when an all-black school is integrated with an all-white school. It’s a moving story of football, friendship, and victory.

Even if you’ve seen this movie more than once, watch it again – it’s a great inspirational story that’s sure to get you motivated to work out – and it might even get you dancing as well! You can watch this movie on Disney+.

Rocky Series#1 The Rocky Series   

Nothing beats the Rocky series when it comes to inspiring movies. The training scenes, the music, the storyline, the comebacks – there’s just nothing better if you want to find motivation to work out. If you’re looking for the classic scenes, just watch any of the six Rocky movies. And then don’t forget to watch Creed with Michael B. Jordan and Sylvester Stallone – with modern training scenes and new music that’s sure to get your blood pumping!

If you want more motivation tips or new ways to change up your workouts, check out these articles that will show you new ways to get motivated and achieve your fitness goals.


1 Mohammad Ali Motivational Video  

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