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Which Type of iFit Machine Is Best For Me?

(Last Updated On: February 1, 2021)

Which One Is Right For Me? – What To Look For If You’re Ready For iFit

iFit is undoubtedly an awesome platform for those who want to track their fitness.  This system is available on machines like NordicTrack and ProForm that come from parent company Icon Fitness.  It allows you to run the world with Google Maps and create customized workout plans designed by top trainers like Jillian Michaels. By using your online account and iFit-compatable machine, you can track progress towards your goals and enjoy more interesting workouts.

It can be a confusing one for potential customers.  Which type of iFit machine is the right one to buy?

We recently spoke with a NordicTrack representative to get their take on how to best distinguish between these models so you can get the machine that will work best for your goals.

Up until recently we had seen a wide variety of labels attached to machines when it came to iFit. Machines were either enabled, compatible, Bluetooth enabled or ready. Confusing, right?

Previously, what you were able to access with iFit depended upon the type of display screen that the machine came equipped with.

Thankfully, NordicTrack and ProForm have streamlined these categories to make it much easier. Now, at the time of this writing, ALL ellipticals from both ProForm and NordicTrack allow consumer access to their popular iFit technology. (Even better – MOST come included with a free trial membership to the program!)

Which iFit Machine Type is Right for You?

The type of iFit machine you purchase may depend on a wide variety of factors: motor size, deck size, brand, etc.  Price of course is always a consideration. 

We have seen a direct connection between the price of a machine and the size/type of its display, so that is the first things you may want to look at.

Carbon ELYou may also want to consider whether you will actually use the iFit technology. As we mentioned earlier, most of the machines from NordicTrack and ProForm currently come with an iFit trial membership included in the purchase price.

So, either way – you get to test out the technology. If it is something you can do without, then opting for a machine with a smaller display size may be a good option for you as you can use your machine in manual mode after the trial membership expires.

Right now, two of the most popular “Consumer Favorite” iFit models are the FreeStride Trainer FS10i from NordicTrack, and the SMART Pro 16.9 from ProForm. Both of these machines have large display screens, which is of course a feature that consumers often look for when they are going to be frequently using iFit.

Regardless of which type you choose, you will be getting a great fitness tracking program.  To learn more about the benefits of iFit, check out NordicTrack and ProForm Ellipticals.

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