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NordicTrack Elliptical Review

The modern era, with its vast array of gadgets and the fact that almost anything and everything is now available at the click of a button, has restricted the leisure exercise of moving about quite a bit. We consume junk food and maintain a poor lifestyle without ever breaking a single bead of sweat in an effort to burn it off. This ill practice has made individuals more vulnerable to various lifestyle disorders that are both life-threatening and lethal. 

Regular exercise and movement of the body are the only solutions to escape from these lethal diseases. But here, too, a problem occurs when it comes to the unavailability of spacious surroundings in our home to carry on the workout process. We might go for a run, but it never helps in keeping our bodies fit in a scientific way. Also, if you want to pay special attention to exercising a particular body part, running or walking may not help. So, here comes the usefulness of fitness equipment. 

We use fitness equipment to further consolidate the benefits of any exercise by offering fixed or adjustable degrees of resistance. Fitness equipment plays a major role in enhancing the experience or result of an exercise regimen too. 

Why NordicTrack?

Since nowadays, people are more inclined to fitness equipment-based exercises, many companies have started manufacturing them to gain a huge amount of profit. However, very few of them are actually beneficial to delivering a fruitful result. If we end up using faulty gym equipment, there can be numerous unhealthy consequences. We may suffer from an ankle injury, head and neck injuries, knee or hand injuries, etc. So, it is important to go with a trustworthy manufacturer when it comes to purchasing fitness equipment. 

NordicTrack, being the largest exercise equipment manufacturer, has been able to gain global customer support and trust. Icon Fitness manages and operates NordicTrack since it is a part of them. The company’s business record says that it has been able to close over a billion sales worldwide. So, who can we trust more than NordicTrack with fitness equipment? 

Reasons to Consider NordicTrack Ellipticals

NordicTrack manufactures one of the best elliptical trainers in the world. An elliptical trainer, also known as a cross-trainer, is a piece of stationary workout equipment. This fitness equipment possesses multidimensional uses, including climbing, strolling, jogging, etc. If we perform these activities without using any elliptical machine, there are chances of getting impact injuries due to joint strain. However, an elliptical reduces the chances of getting injuries. People with certain ailments can use an elliptical to keep in shape because of the minimal impact.

The NordicTrack elliptical not only ensures the best quality but also issues top-notch warranty facilities. The customer service provided by NordicTrack is also unquestionably well-driven. If a customer faces any issue with a NordicTrack elliptical, they can call customer service to receive prompt action. This is the same parent company that manufactures ProForm ellipticals. Hence, we can come across comparable models between these two companies.

NordicTrack ellipticals have controlled the $800-$3,000 pricing range in the past few years. NordicTrack has been able to hit such a huge milestone by providing innovative and long-lasting items at a reasonable price. We have visited their outlets and facilities in Logan, Utah, multiple times to evaluate and assess their latest models and speak with the folks who produce them. This is what we’ve discovered:

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The Perks of NordicTrack Ellipticals

Reasonable Prices

Any product needs to be priced economically so that a large base of customers can get access to it. It also helps in better sales for the company. When it comes to fitness equipment, things are generally highly-priced. However, NordicTrack ensures better gym equipment at a very economical price as compared to its competitor companies. This strategy has also enabled Icon to sell 4 million pieces of workout equipment in the preceding year. 

Speakers with Auxiliary Input 

Most ellipticals include speakers, although the sound quality is not satisfactory. NordicTrack’s equipment comes with some of the highest-quality speakers and top-notch sound systems available.

Customizable Foot Pedals  

NordicTrack Ellipticals let users modify the angle of foot pedals as per their convenience. This feature is one of the top requisites to carry on an ergonomic exercise practice. This helps to minimize the strain and stress exerted on the feet and ankles. It plays a major role in reducing the chance of leg injury. 

Top-Notch Quality Control 

Looking back over the years, it is clear that the company has been constantly improving the quality of their products. This aspect has made a significant contribution to the overall transformation of the product lines. This company not only offers the best quality materials but also ensures generous warranties. The products are long-lasting, cost-effective, and require minimal maintenance. 

Reliable Customer Service

The past records specify that there were multiple complaints against the NordicTrack customer service. The complaints mainly focus on the unresponsive customer service provided by the company customer service. The first time we paid our first visit to their corporate offices in 2007, we grabbed the opportunity to meet the service head of their customer service department, Dan Jones. He informed us that the company was planning to allocate millions of dollars to improve the service offered by the customer care department.

The company has kept its promise. Since then, the number of service difficulties has decreased considerably. We have been quite amazed by their enhanced level of customer service since 2016.

Smart HD Touchscreen

Several NordicTrack models come with a 7′′–10′′ full HD touchscreen. It provides users with complete access and visibility to all of iFit’s interactive features. These features help to smooth out the functionalities of the products by different means. It is vital to provide user-friendly features to help the customer understand the product better. The full HD touchscreen incredibly helps in building that seamless experience.

iFit Technology Innovation

It is important for a company to invest in research and development to improve their product quality according to people’s demands. When customers use a product, there is always positive and negative feedback. So, gathering that data and analyzing it helps in building the next products in a more practical way to solve the existing issues. NordicTrack is a company that spends and invests a lot in research and development.

This leads to many fruitful results. iFit technology is one such innovation that has resulted in developing many newer features for fitness equipment. It is a motivating tool that connects your elliptical trainer to the Internet. There are several intriguing features. But the following few require special mention.

Exercise Anywhere In The Globe With Google Maps

When we exercise, we not only focus on improving our physical strength but also try to improve our mental health. The current busy lifestyle does not let us grab the time to exercise in outer space. However, it is possible to invite outer space into our interior workout area with the NordicTrack-built iFit technology. This technology is well-suited to allow us to work out almost anywhere on the planet.

iFit technology is designed to trace a path on the computer using Google maps. The resistance and strength on the elliptical will replicate the terrain or landscape. So, despite being at home, we will experience the beauty of working out in the lap of nature with the help of this technology.

If we want to see how our exercise is progressing, we can use Google Maps’ street, satellite, or earth view features. This would require us to use a laptop or a smartphone. Android users would get to use a variety of models. This would allow the user to get access to Google Maps right on the dashboard. 

HD Videos

To improve our exercise routine, we need a motivating factor. HD videos offer tempting scenery around the world to help you get into a vigorous workout routine. The video’s speed is determined by how quickly you move. Your elliptical machine’s incline/decline or height is automatically adjustable.

Personalized Workout Plans

Many of us find exercising difficult because we struggle to create a perfect workout routine based on our goals. However, the iFit technology puts an end to this hustle! This technology enables us to establish a personalized account and set fitness objectives. Suppose, a customer has a goal of losing 10 pounds in three months.

He or she needs to create a personal account on, stating the goal and adding related information. iFit Live will generate a tailored exercise program to help the customer accomplish his or her target based on the input. We generally tend to start our exercise vigorously and end up feeling tired. So, we can not stick to the routine for a very long time. However, the tailored program set by iFit technology starts with minimal exercises and gradually increases the intensity to help you cope with the workout routine. 

Jillian Michaels created some of the top-notch routines. The software appointed by the iFit technology controls the elliptical trainer’s resistance and slopes. This feature also includes a voice coaching facility for elevating exercise motivation. The best part of this technology involves reflecting the users’ achievements statistics on the account. So, it is way easier to keep track of the progress to achieve the fitness goal. If someone is lagging behind, they can revise their workout routine using the statistics. Also, if someone makes it possible to maintain the desirable statistics, this can be a big motivating factor for them. 

Note: This functionality is available at an extra fee. If the equipment lacks Smart HD Touchscreen, you will need to employ a laptop or smartphone to receive an engaging full color display. Many NordicTrack Ellipticals now come with a 30-day free trial to iFit.

FreeStride Trainers

FS10i bodyIf our goal is to exercise vigorously while concentrating on the lower body muscles, this feature should be one of the top priorities. NordicTrack has launched the FreeStride trainer that serves this purpose in a way more productive way than any other piece of equipment. The FreeStride Trainer has a configurable stride length of 32 inches. We can even use a stair stepper, an elliptical, or a treadmill to hype up the workout.

The special design lets us enjoy strenuous exercise while focusing on the lower body muscles. We get to see this fitness equipment in different gyms and clubs. However, NordicTrack now offers them for home exercise purposes too. Starting at $2,499, these trainers are among NordicTrack’s best-selling models. NordicTrack Brand Reviews can also enlighten us on that fact. 

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    NordicTrack EllipticalsNordicTrack Ellipticals with Front Drive

    The industrial series of front drive ellipticals occupies a fraction of the area of a standard design. Furthermore, this setup helps to maintain stability over the feet. These ellipticals are known as their ‘AirGlide’ series of machines. 

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          Note: With our NordicTrack Elliptical Reviews we attempt to be as accurate as possible. NordicTrack regularly changes prices and features on the models. For the latest information please visit their website.

          NordicTrack Elliptical Reviews from different individualistic perspectives would help us to understand better the potential of the NordicTrack products. Also, we try to deliver reviews that are not only unbiased but also thought-provoking. 

          Our Review

          NordicTrack produces some of the most affordable household elliptical trainers that are not only budget-friendly but also the best kinds. Reliability and creativity are two areas where the organization shines. NordicTrack can provide outstanding value since they are an integral part of the world’s largest fitness enterprise. 

          Consumer Magazine Review

          NordicTrack Ellipticals were graded “Excellent” in User Safety and “Very Good” choice for ergonomic exercise practices, durable construction, and exercise range by a reputable consumer publication.

          Customer Reviews

           “Best Value for Money! Wellmade machine. Smooth, easy stride, solid construction, no pedal adjustment between users, and “bump-less” resistance adjustments.”

          “Excellent value for money. Features equivalent to considerably more costly machines.”

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          12 thoughts on “NordicTrack Ellipticals”

          1. Sonja Hunt

            I want an elliptical that takes up very little space I used to have the NordicTrack elliptical. But I moved into a smaller place and had to sell it because it was too large. Now I want one that doesn’t have the long track behind it. What do you suggest


          2. Theresa Mcculloch

            I am looking for an in-home machine for overall fitness. I would like the feature that allows me to simulate working out on a variety of terrains and locations. Do you have recommendations?


            1. Site Admin

              Hi Theresa! The feature you’re referring to is known as iFit and you can find it on all ellipticals from NordicTrack and ProForm. Can you tell me a little more about what you’re looking for? How tall are you? Have you tested any ellipticals before?


          3. Jesse caudill

            Sears home store claims to offer c9.5 with 20 in flywheel model for $599. Is this c9.5 or 7.5, new or repaired model. Need dependable machine but not interested in rebuilt lemon.


            1. administrator Post author

              Hi Jesse,
              More than likely it’s a different model as we’ve never seen retailers sell machines for half of what the manufacturer offers on pricing. Nordic on this model is $999, there isn’t anyway they would be $599 for the same model….unless maybe the store is closing and they are moving inventory.


          4. David Costa

            Hi I have been looking at Elliptical machines but not sure which would be right I’m a mountain guide here in Alaska and do a lot of climbing and walking with a heavy back pack in steep mountains? My treadmill bothers one of my hips and a client said that a elliptical would be better. Thank you for your help. Dave


          5. Wesley Saldua

            I’ve owned the NordicTrack FreeStride Trainer for 2 years now and its been my savior since I’ve been recently hit with health issues, keeping me away from mountain biking in the mountains. Now i can get a little work out in the confines and privacy of my living from. Its a well built machine and i wouldn’t have it any other way. Thanks NordicTrack for making my life a little happier and brighter.

            Wes Saldua;


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