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Sole Fitness Sets the Standard for Quality and Durability in 2023

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At Sole Headquarters, Salt Lake City, UT.

Sole Fitness is quite the reputed fitness equipment manufacturer and has been serving customers for years on end. Our team of experts has always liked the quality of Sole fitness equipment. The major reason why Sole fitness is our experts’ favorite company has to do with the quality and durability of the product. Sole Fitness’ products are not only high quality but also long-lasting. For several years, one of our experts has used Sole ellipticals for fitness training. He was more than satisfied with the product quality, durability, and low-maintenance facility. 

We recently visited their headquarters and noticed several additional characteristics that can make a significant difference in comparison to other products on the market. And, who does not know that additional and advantageous features of a product help its parent company to go uphill in no time? The significant advancements brought to Sole Elliptical and bike machines have made them top value picks in their budget range, including interactive wireless connectivity. 

Sole Fitness Recommended Models

Sole Elliptical E35 – $1,499 (Rated a Best Buy Elliptical Trainer)
Sole Elliptical E95 – $1,799 (Rated a Best Buy Elliptical Trainer)
Sole R92 Recumbent Bike – $1,099 (Awarded 2021 High-End Pick)

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*Shipping/Delivery Note: All Sole ellipticals come with free curbside delivery. For this standard delivery, the driver will back the truck up as far as they can (which is sometimes at the end of your driveway) and unload your elliptical box for you. Ellipticals can often be awkward to move and typically require more than one person. Sole now offers Assembly Authority Delivery for $299. An Assembly Authority Tech will unload the elliptical to the designated room of your choice, assemble it, and demonstrate the functionality for you. This new delivery option is a great deal in our opinion.

Our Complete List of Sole Fitness Reviews

Sole Elliptical E35 – $1,499 (*BEST BUY)
Sole Elliptical E55 – $1,699
Sole Elliptical E95 – $1,799
Sole Elliptical E95S – $2,199 (*BEST BUY)
Sole Elliptical E98 – $2,499
Sole Elliptical E25 – $999
Sole Elliptical E20 – $649
Sole R92 Bike – $1,099

Check Out a Sole Elliptical Comparison Chart HereComparisonChart_graphic

New Fitness Technologies and Advancements Brought by Sole Fitness

Fitness Tracking Through Wireless Technology

It’s critical to maintain track of our progress when we start doing anything and stick to a routine in order to reach a long-term objective. It allows us to track our progress toward our goals. We might alter our plan and work accordingly if the status report indicates that we are behind schedule. On the other hand, if the report shows that we are making good progress, we become inspired and can devote ourselves to our objective in a more systematic manner.

The same approach may be applied to our workout program. If you want to get in shape or strengthen a certain body region, you’ll need to commit to a long-term commitment and workout routine. In this circumstance, keeping track of things becomes crucial. In order to sustain a long-term fitness habit, it is necessary to follow up.

The Sole machines have brought a new advancement in fitness equipment with their fitness tracking facility with Bluetooth technology. Sole modified its models to include Bluetooth functionality. This feature allows the fitness machine to interface with your smartphone or tablet to monitor and analyze your workout statistics. The majority of their equipment is also interoperable with other of the latest fitness monitoring applications.

Sole Elliptical HandlebarsHandlebars with Multi-Positions Facility

The multi-position handlebars let you adjust the upper body position at different angles while working out. It helps and allows you to focus more on strengthening the upper body muscles.

Slope of Power

The power incline aspect of the Sole Ellipticals allows users to effectively target and strengthen specific bottom muscles. It also increases overall cardio burn and simulates the feeling of trekking up a hill. 

The New STUDIO Program by Sole Fitness

STUDIO refers to a fitness community-driven leaderboard brought by Sole fitness to help its customers to pursue their fitness objectives. Give it your all while you are exercising and compete on Sole Fitness STUDIO‘s community-powered scoreboard against other beginners or pros. This specially designed scoreboard will assist you in determining where you stand in terms of achieving your fitness goal. Your heart rate determines your position on the leaderboard. Learn more about the interactive STUDIO fitness technology on Sole’s website.

The Main Features Of Sole Ellipticals And Bikes

Ellipticals With Changeable Inclines

This elliptical feature holds similarities with the inclines found on treadmills. In many ways, having an incline facility on the fitness equipment is advantageous. It gives customers more control and pressure-regulating power during their workout.

We all know that it is more challenging and also takes more energy to walk uphill than on a flat road. It implies the fact that it leads to more calories burned too.

Since having inclines on ellipticals lets you face higher slopes while exercising, you end up burning many more calories. So, your exercise regimen can be boosted with one of these top features that Sole ellipticals have. 

If you want to focus on strengthening the lower body or the backside of the body, ellipticals with inclines are the best option. You may notice that your quadriceps are working harder if you drop the foot pedal level. You may also adjust the orientation of your stride and concentrate more on your hamstrings and glutes. This happens because of the reversible movement of the foot pedals.

So, it can be evident that cardio workout lovers and people who want to target lower muscle strengthening should opt for this elliptical characteristic.

Foot Pedals With Adjustment Options

Footpedal on Sole Elliptical When a person carries on his or her exercise regimen with fitness equipment, the fruitfulness of the exercise increases. However, it also increases the chance of getting body injuries and pain if not handled properly. The sole ellipticals possess adjustable foot pedals that have the power to overcome potential exercise risks. 

If your exercise machine lets you adjust its height and strength as per your body structure and strength, it can definitely lower the chances of getting body injuries while working out. This feature of having adjustable foot pedals on the Sole elliptical machine makes it easy to customize your machine to fit your body perfectly, lowering the chance of experiencing workout injuries. 

The adjustable food pedals on sole ellipticals are a great solution for eliminating stiffness and discomfort in the feet due to flat feet or elevated arches. It also benefits women who suffer from hip injuries due to workout strains. The hip strains happen to women when exercising becomes difficult for them due to having the pedals too far apart. However, adjustable foot pedals eliminate the issue completely. 

Solid Flywheel 

Having a smooth and solid flywheel in exercise equipment like ellipticals and bikes is important because they are responsible for providing you with workout motion. If the motion is not smooth and seamless, people can get distracted by repeated obstacles while exercising. It can also cause workout disturbances, and people’s exercise goals may not be achieved. 

When it comes to Sole ellipticals and bikes, we can assure you that their flywheels are of top-notch quality. As soon as we started testing the quality of the flywheels, we were awestruck to experience how seamless and solid the stride and cycling motion was. Sole ellipticals possess heavy 20-pound flywheels that are capable of creating this top-notch quality moving experience. 

We moved forward and wanted to test its vitality, so we experimented with different Horizon and ProForm ellipticals at the same time. The result was astonishing. The quality of flywheels present on Sole ellipticals and bikes was way better than on Horizon and ProForm ellipticals. However, these devices are, of course, less expensive, but you have to remember that quality is broadly dependent on the price of an item. 

Elliptical Stride Length: 20-24 Inches

SoleE95SStride length is the distance between the foot pedals on an elliptical trainer when they are the furthest apart. While this may not seem significant, it has an effect on the exercise outcomes and convenience of your workout activity on your body parts. So, it is very crucial to have proper stride length to ensure not only a positive exercise outcome but also the utmost body safety. 

The only parameter that can flawlessly decide the best stride length for an individual is his or her height. A tall individual with a short stride may feel claustrophobic, cramped, and uneasy. Short people who take long strides may feel strained and unbalanced. However, if a short-height person has long legs, they can easily use long strides, and if a tall person does not have long legs, he or she can find difficulty adjusting to long strides.

The sole ellipticals mostly possess a stride length ranging from 20 to 24 inches. We can consider the stride length to be longer than usual. We tested the thing with the help of our review team member named Fred Waters, whose height is 5′ 8′′. When he used the 20-inch stride length, he appeared to be very comfortable with exercising. However, when he switched to a 16-inch stride, it felt unpleasant and constricting for them. As a result, we can conclude that if your height is less than 5’3″, the 20″ stride may not be a good choice for you. 

A Sturdy And Strong Feel

An exercise machine needs to be solid as well as stable enough since it deals with heavy human weight. If an exercise machine is not built well, it may break after only a few uses. Also, cause damage and injury to the users. Besides that, a user can not experience the fun of exercise with a feeble and poorly built machine. It can definitely have a negative impact on the user’s exercise regimen. 

The Sole machines are designed to give the customer the best exercise experience. All of its fitness equipment is large and strong, with no rocking issues. The Sole exercise machines are heavy enough to deal with constant abuse and heavy human weight. All of the models weigh between 189 and 215 pounds. This is why we recommend inside delivery of products in case anyone buys them. This is highly recommended because, unless you are an expert or have any special technical support, it is quite impossible for you to drag such a heavy product into your home. 

The sole ellipticals also possess a lengthy base that ensures utmost security and exercise convenience for the user. Heavy-duty steel frames are used to construct the machines, ensuring a strong and sturdy machine quality. Each of the two wheels on the elliptical foot pedals moves along the tracks. This helps to minimize the side-to-side motion. Single wheels are seen on the majority of front-drive ellipticals that cause the problem with a side-to-side motion.

However, the Sole machines take care of the issue by installing two wheels on the foot pedals. 

Built-In Speakers 

Whenever we are exercising, we tend to lose energy due to heavy physical activity. It requires an extrinsic motivating factor to boost intrinsic dedication and energy. When you are working out vigorously, music plays a crucial role in elevating your energy and dedication level. Keeping this important factor in mind, Sole machines have introduced built-in speakers.

The in-built speaker quality may not wow hardcore audiophiles. However, having an integrated music system on your exercise machine can double your energy while working out with its great music intensity. You can connect your iPhone or iPad to your Sole machine while working out and play your favorite motivating song to level up your exercise intensity.

No other thing could be better for you to help you continue your exercise regimen in a fun way.

We have two small concerns that can be considered very minor issues with respect to the general product quality and product engineering: 

  • As with most training equipment, the built-in fan provides very minor comfort. 
  • The display quality is not satisfying. The market has better fitness equipment on display in the $1,000–$2,000 range.
Team member Rachael discusses Sole E25 Elliptical - Read full review here

Team member Rachael discusses Sole E25 Elliptical – Read full review here.

Check Our Comparison Chart for Sole Ellipticals

Individual Product (Recommended) Reviews From Sole Fitness 

Sole E35 Elliptical Trainer Review

When we last went to Dick’s Sporting Goods, they had elliptical trainers from different companies, including Sole, Horizon, and ProForm. 

We inquired as to which item was the biggest seller. He said sole without any doubt or even thinking. “The quality blows away the competitors,” he said when we inquired about the reason. 

In our opinion, this elliptical is one of the greatest deals in the $1,000-$1,500 price range. If you’re unfamiliar with the brand, Sole treadmills are used for in-room exercises at the Hilton hotel chain, which speaks to its longevity. Their fitness machines are designed to last in general. We have yet to get negative feedback regarding this machine, but we have had multiple excellent customer reviews.

Sole E95 Elliptical Trainer Review

You can upgrade your equipment, but it will cost you a lot more cash. As all of the above features demonstrate, this is a fantastic bundle that is intended to provide a satisfying cross-training session. It comes with a long warranty, indicating that this elliptical is built to last.

The outstanding reputation that Sole has for sticking behind its products is also crucial. We haven’t heard a single complaint regarding their customer support, and we’ve only received one email about a treadmill issue. That is a solid recommendation.

The overall size of the E95 is the only criticism. This elliptical is quite long and takes up a lot of room, but its length and weight make it very stable and solid.

Sole R92 Recumbent Bike Review

Although you won’t receive the same hard HIIT exercise on a bike as you would on an elliptical or treadmill, it’s a good method to get in your daily aerobic movement. Using a piece of stationary cycle equipment will get your blood circulation going rapidly without risking injury or causing pain. The recumbent bike is also a terrific alternative for people who are just beginning out on their fitness routine, the aged people, those who need to prevent joint stress, those who deal with discomfort, and those who simply like cycling.

The Sole R92 recumbent bike is a great option for anyone searching for a low-cost recumbent bike for their apartment or office. The R92 received the good prospect already this year, despite its $1,000 price tag. This says volumes about the machine’s engineering and sturdiness. Despite its low price, it is nevertheless a high-quality piece of exercise equipment.

If a recumbent bike seems like the ideal fit for your workout program, we recommend the Sole R92 recumbent bike.

Our Final Thoughts/Overall Review On The Sole Ellipticals

Sole’s ellipticals and bikes have a stellar reputation. These machines not only offer unquestionable quality and durability but also ensure the greatest warranty facilities in their price range. The same warranty benefits are applicable to the treadmills too. Several respected sources and sites have rated them a “Best Buy,” and the Hilton company uses them for their in-room fitness curriculum. The more sturdiness a product offers, the longer its guarantee period remains. Sole machines possess a many-year guarantee on their products, and that clearly implies their high-quality manufacturing process. 

A ground-level experience will better help you understand the unrivaled popularity that Sole ellipticals hold. We contacted a sales representative from Dick’s Sports Authority to find out which elliptical manufacturer was the most popular among the users. He led us straight to a wonderful selection of Sole Elliptical Trainers. “Try the other ellipticals, then hop on the sole. The difference in quality is clear,” he said when we questioned why they were the incredibly popular ellipticals.

Customer Service That is Well-Equipped

Any company requires a well-versed team with experienced professionals to deal with clients. This system is known as providing customer service. No business can be considered an entity without customer support. So, customers are like God to businesses. Satisfying them with proper service as required is very important to running a business. 

Sole Fitness has been able to gain the trust of customers around the globe not only with their top-notch product quality but also with their excellent customer service. I have gotten no negative comments from the users about their customer service since I began assessing and reviewing their ellipticals and treadmills. That is really unusual for any business. In addition, I’ve only received one email about a trivial technical issue. This is a powerful testimonial for the items and the company, in my opinion.

Customer Reviews for Sole

Customers’ Feedback On Sole Ellipticals: 

  • “My Sole E95 has exceeded our expectations. Great workout and the various plans are really challenging. Thank you for the information.”
  • “Extremely solid, sturdy, and seamless(and we’re not small people—5’11 200+ and 5’8 175+). Our 8-foot ceilings were more than enough for us. It is considerably better on my knees than the treadmill and provides everything the training you could possibly require at any level! We’ve been using it every day for almost a month and couldn’t be happier with our investment!”
  • “In conclusion, in terms of ellipticals, this product has the highest quality value. Sole ellipticals are the greatest under $2000 ellipticals, and they even fight well against those above $2000!”

    See the Sole Elliptical Trainer Review Video.


    Who owns Sole Ellipticals?

    Sole Fitness is owned by the parent company Dyaco. Dyaco also manufactures Spirit Fitness, and XTERRA Fitness.

    Is Sole a good brand for ellipticals?

    Sole is one of the most reputable fitness equipment brands on the market, producing durable and comfortable ellipticals.

    How long does a Sole elliptical last?

    Sole Fitness offers a lifetime warranty for the frame on their ellipticals. With the proper care and maintenance, consumers can expect a Sole elliptical to last for 10-15 years.

    Where are Sole ellipticals made?

    Sole ellipticals are a United States based company but their equipment is manufactured in Taiwan.

    How much do Sole ellipticals weigh?

    Sole ellipticals have a unit weight ranging from 212 lbs. up to 249 lbs.

    *This Sole Fitness Review is based on not only on product testing, but also comments, testimonials, reviews and ratings of customers, and third parties. We attempt to be as accurate as possible. Warranties, features and prices can change without notice.

    34 thoughts on “Sole Ellipticals and Bikes”

    1. Theresa Frakes

      I am torn between the E25 and the E55.
      Space is a concern, but does not outweigh performance
      What are we getting with the E55 that the E25 does not have ?
      Daily use for an hour for me, occasional use by my husband. Heaviest weight is 220lbs.


      1. Site Admin

        Hi Theresa, there is not much difference between the two. You do get a bigger screen with the E55. If you’re concerned about space the E55 is 71″ H x 71″ L x 27″ W. The E25 is 71″ H x 70″ L x 24″ W. It’s a little smaller. If you aren’t concerned about the screen size, I would opt for the E25 here 🙂 Hope this helps you


    2. Larry

      I’m 5’8” with bad knees. Had replacement and due to scar tissue have lost considerable range of motion. My wife is about 5’6”-5’7” and has chronic back ( c3-c7 surgery and chronic pain) and lumbar stenosis. Should I be looking at a recumbent bike or elliptical? she needs radio, weight loss and I need to improve range of knee motion and conditioning. I like the E25 and the Nautilus R618 bike. Your thoughts?


      1. Site Admin

        Hi Larry. Elliptical are definitely much lower impact than treadmills. Have you asked your doctor which machine would be better for you between a bike or an elliptical?


    3. Soos

      Here are my thoughts on it, after using mine for a month or so: putting it together was a lot easier than expected (or so my husband says, lol). I bought the E95. In my research there were a few things that swayed me in favor of the Sole brand…..their warranty is the best out there, they are well built, light commercial, they are one of the few that seem to have a setting for incline, which I really wanted, and it wasn’t back ordered 2-3 months like most others.
      This thing feels like it will outlive me. It’s really well built, solid. The incline and resistance are adjusted with buttons, and are smooth as can be. The elliptical itself is so quiet it’s hard to tell it’s on. So, all that is exactly as I would want it. One of the disappointments was the information console. In general, the technology seems very outdated. It’s not a touch screen,which although no big deal, is hard to get used to haha.
      In manual mode, which is what I use the most, there seems to be no way to count time from 0-30 minutes. It only seems to work from 30 down to 0, altho you can change it from 30 min. To whatever you want. Also, from their website I thought you could save the data to either user 1 or user 2, but you can’t save the actual miles/time/calories to get an aggregate, all you can do is save the program…ie the resistance and incline settings. Kinda useless. I just found out Sole has an app, so I will try that.
      The only other thing is the integration with fitness apps. I knew I was giving this up when I bought the SOLE brand but all things being equal, if I hadn’t had to wait an extra 2 months for a different brand, I might have looked harder at something else.
      So, long story short, if you don’t care about the bells and whistles, I think this elliptical is extremely well built and very solid.
      I am not sure what the differences are between models, other than the heaviness of the flywheel. I wanted one that was sturdy enough to be used by several people on a regular basis, and this one is.


    4. Sigrid

      Hello. I have an interest with Sole e25 or e55 .. mainly bc of its compact size. They’re pretty comparable other than foot pedal adjustment and other luxury things on e55. I’m 5’3, 128 lbs. I’m looking into focusing on cardio, weight loss and muscle toning. I gave away my treadmill due to bad and misaligned knees and hips. I was told that elliptical is the better equipment to have. So, my question these two models have a fixed 20 in stride length. Is this going to be a bit too much for me? Your E95S has the stride adjustment but doesn’t have the incline capability. Bummer .. i also prefer a powered incline. so I’m still debating which one is the best fit for my needs. Thanks.


    5. Patty

      My husband and I are very interested in purchasing your Sole E95S.
      The problem is the only way we can afford it is if we can get it at your $2199.00 sale price.
      Due to the Covid situation I don’t know when we can get into Dicks to “try it out” and make sure the stride and feel of the elliptical is what we want before we order it.
      So my question is : how long will this specific elliptical be on sale for the $2199.00 price?
      Is there any way we could be guaranteed that sale price?
      Thank you,


      1. Site Admin

        Hi Patty. We are just a review site so we can’t guarantee how long brands will run a certain price. I will say that Sole doesn’t fluctuate their prices as much as other companies and we update our website daily with price updates. I hope this helps


    6. Craig Berardi

      What is incline percent on the sole eliptical E 98 very odd your specs do not mention. I want long strides and high steps.


    7. Andy

      It seems to me, based on your and other reviews, that the Sole E95 is a beast of a machine that gets the mechanics and ergonomics of an elliptical down really well, but it really falls far short when it comes to the display/interactive/number of exercise programs. I’m not sure if this is a long standing issue or if the competition is just increasing their lead with regards to what I would call the cockpit technology. It leaves me wondering if I want to go with ProForm that has this technology and maybe not as solid, adjustable or ergonomic as the Sole, but with the option of an interactive experience and more exercise programs to choose from, or the NordicTrack with comparable build quality and the better cockpit technology. Or do I go with the Sole and have a solid machine that does what it does really well, but is kind of dull? (and dull could me it becomes an expensive clothes hanger).
      Am I getting this wrong? Is Sole about to announce that a user can plug their own tablet into the USB port and get the interactive features and more workout programs like their competitors have?


      1. Site Admin

        Hi Andy! You’re pretty spot on. Sole is known for their high quality equipment but they are not as up-to-date as other brands on technology. It really comes down to your personal preference – if you think you’d utilize iFit (from NordicTrack and ProForm machines) a ton, I would likely go with one of those. By the way, NordicTrack and ProForm are not “bad”, or “poor quality” machines by any means. We have just seen consistent high quality, durable machines come from Sole.


    8. Sam D.

      Trying to decide between E-35 and E-55. Can you tell me the difference in smoothness, motion, and stability.. any recommendation on choosing between them?


    9. Terry Nathe

      I noticed in your last reply that the E95 has an adjustable stride of 20-22. I do not see that any where in the specs other than the E95s 18-22. Is this correct because It would make a difference in which one I prefer.


    10. Sylvia

      Looking to purchase the E95 or E55. It seems that the E95 has better reviews. I 60 and needing to continue to move. With the gyms closed I am starting to stiffen up. My husband is 6’ and I am 5’3 1/2. I was looking at both of these machines. Which would you recommend?


      1. Site Admin

        Hi Sylvia. Either the Sole E55 or E95 are both great options. The only thing I would take into consideration is the stride length. Have you and your husband tried an elliptical before? Do you know which stride length you prefer? The E55 has a set 20″ stride but the E95 is adjustable 20-22″.


        1. Site Admin

          Hi Sylvia! Correction on our comment here – the E95 has a maximum stride of 20″. The E95S has an adjustable stride of 18″-24″. Sorry for the confusion – just wanted to correct our mistake here. Hope this helps.


    11. Robert K.

      I’m considering Sole E25 model for my wife and myself for cardio since our gym shut down. We’re both 66; she is 5’5” weighs 150, I am 6 3 1/2 and 206. We’re wanting to add more cardio to our workouts, 3-4 weekly.
      Tried E35 and E25. The E35 seemed like a more luxurious option but seems the E25 has all the same benefits we are looking for for 2/3 the cost.
      We both excise 5 days weekly and I (the larger person above) ran marathons until about 3 years ago so my legs are a bit stronger. In your opinion, are we headed in the right direction?


      1. Site Admin

        Hi Robert. Yes! Those are both great machines. We typically recommend the E35 over the E25 (although they are extremely similar) because our team has personally visited the Sole Headquarters, and we like the the elliptical motion better on the E35. It feels slightly more comfortable and fluid! Also, the E35 is a bit heavier so we like this for stability reasons – but honestly, you can’t go wrong with either machine you’re looking at. I hope this helps. Best of luck!


    12. Johanna S.

      Hello I have doing a lot of research on Elliptical machines and I seem to gravitate toward the Sole E25 model. I am 5’7 and weigh 155 lbs and looking to add more cardio to my workout routine. In addition, I would probably be using this machine 3-4 times per week for an hour. I am looking for the best value and at the price point $999.99 its seems that this machine would be the best option for me. How does the E35 sole model compare to E25 model in terms of performance? Would you say it’s about the same? I


      1. Site Admin

        Hi Johanna! Yes, the Sole E25 and E35 are fairly similar. The E35 does have a heavier flywheel, and adjustable pedals. However, from what you’re describing the E25 should work great for you!


    13. Conrad Maceo Moore Sr

      I’m 6.4.and weighing around 338 lbs which Sole Elipitical would you recommend for me


    14. Jeffrey Henning

      I am looking for an elliptical for my wife & I….. she is 5’3” she needs the adjustments for stride (18-24”) my questions is…I am 6’4” how will this unit work for me? Any additional information would be appreciated. Regards,
      Jeffrey J. Henning


      1. administrator Post author

        Hi Jeffrey
        With the significant height range difference between you and your wife, you will definitely want an adjustable stride length. The Sole E95S ranges from 18″ to 24″ in length and should be a good model for you guys. Another consideration would be the Nordictrack FS7i as you can go up to a 38″ stride length and it’s variable.


      1. administrator Post author

        Hi Jeff,
        You may want to try Dick’s Sporting goods. They are the only folks that carry Sole machines other than purchasing direct from Sole.


    15. Dennis Richardson

      Hi … kinda researching my options regarding an elliptical purchase. The Sole brand has caught my attention … attractive price point — quality workmanship. What kind of maintenance should I expect to perform? I’d be the only using it – say about an hour a day.



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