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Sole SC300 Stepper Review

Brand: Sole Fitness
Expert Rating: 3.5 stars

The Sole SC300 Stepper is On Sale!


A Butt Busting Steep Mountain Hike Right In Your Home!

Sole SC300 Stepper

Sole SC300 Stepper

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Sole Fitness has long been one of our favorite brands simply because they offer wonderful durability and solid machines.  Their Sole SC200 Stepper took many of the benefits of an elliptical combined with a stair stepper to provide a low stress workout for your lower body muscles.  Now, this newest model, the Sole SC300 Stepper, builds upon that success with new and improved features.

There are several advantages to the SC300 stepper.  First this machine has an even better warranty than the SC200 with a larger Bluetooth display and the same space-saving compact design.  Best of all, the SC300 Stepper now includes 20 levels of incline so that you can get a better workout right in your home.

Sole SC300 Stepper Features

Adjustable Incline Settings – The main advantage with the SC300 is the newly added adjustable incline feature.  This allows you to choose from 20 levels of incline to simulate anything from a rolling neighborhood stroll to a butt-busting steep climb up the side of a mountain.  Work your lower body muscles with less stress on your hips and knees.  Plus, this feature lets you get a more effective workout in a shorter amount of time.

Articulating / Adjustable Foot Pedals – We like that  the folks at Sole paid attention to the differences in people’s walking pattern and foot position.  The pedals on the SC300 are articulating and adjustable so you can enjoy a comfortable workout.

Sole Fitness SC300 Stepper Console

Sole Fitness SC300 Stepper Console

9″ LCD Display with Bluetooth – This machine comes with a larger 9″ display window compared to the 7.5″ window on the SC200.  It also has built in Bluetooth so you can link your machine to the free Sole Fitness app, track your workouts, and sync your stats with your favorite fitness apps.  Other brands may have a workout tracking feature that requires a monthly subscription.  We want to emphasize that the Sole Fitness app is FREE.

2-in-1 Design – The SC300 is a combination of an elliptical and a stair climber.  It is specifically designed to target your quad and glute muscles to shape and tone with less effort.

Strong Frame – The SC300 is an even stronger frame than the SC200, which means more durability and a better warranty.  It has a 350 lb weight capacity.

Programs – The SC300 Stepper comes with 10 pre-installed programs.  Nothing too fancy here.

Warranty – This strong warranty reflects the confidence that Sole has in their product.  The SC300 comes with Lifetime Frame, 5 years electronics and parts, and 2 years labor.  For comparison, the SC200 Stepper comes with Lifetime frame, 3 years electronics and parts, and 1 year labor.

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Fitness Source SC300 Stepper Review

The SC300 Stepper’s incline feature is a great reason to consider spending around $400 more over the older SC200 Stepper model.  It will allow you to get a more effective workout with a shorter time commitment.

We also like that this machine now has a larger 9″ white backlit LCD display as compared to the SC200.  It includes Bluetooth technology so that you can reap the benefits of the free Sole Fitness app.  Track your workouts and sync with your favorite existing fitness apps like MyFitnessPal and Apple Health.

It also has a compact 56″ length frame that will save you space over a typical elliptical’s length of around 82″.

The Sole SC300 Stepper works along the same lines as the Bowflex Max Trainer and ProForm HIIT Trainers.  These other machines really focus on HIIT (high intensity interval training) workouts, while the SC300 Stepper focuses more on a solid muscle toning session.  Still, these machines are all worth a look if you’re thinking about buying a hybrid.

The main reason you should consider Sole is because of their very strong warranty and solid reputation for durability and low maintenance.

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