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Precor EFX 423 Elliptical Trainer Review

Brand: Precor
Expert Rating: 5 stars!

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A Durable Machine with a 10 Year Parts Warranty

Precor EFX 423 elliptical trainer reviewThe Precor EFX 423 elliptical is the entry level model of their Precision series.  In comparison to the lower Energy series these Precision series are residential elliptical trainers that are built to light commercial  standards.  That means they could hold up in institutional environments like fire stations, hotels and apartment complexes.  In fact, they use the same frame and many of the same components as their light institutional machines.  So you are getting a residential elliptical trainer that is designed for the constant use in a commercial setting. Further evidence of the durability of these machines is the 10 year parts warranty.

Although it is not listed on their site, I was told the Precision ellipticals are capable of handling users in the 350-400 lbs weight class.  Many residential elliptical manufacturers overrate their user weight limit, however, I would feel confident that these machines can handle excessively heavy individuals.

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Efficiency of Lower Body Workout

When I first saw the Precor EFX 423, I noticed something was conspicuously missing — the upper body handlebars.  I thought, “Why would someone want to buy an elliptical trainer without the upper body workout?”  Actually the first elliptical trainers built by Precor were sans handlebars, and they are the only elliptical trainer company that offers models without handlebars.

Precor EFX 423 ConsoleThe focus of the company has always been to provide the most smooth and natural elliptical workout in the industry.  According to the company there are some advantages to machines with the upper and lower body functions, but it is your lower body that does most of the work.  It is also your large lower body muscles that end up burning the majority of the calories when you exercise on an elliptical.

Therefore, it is counterproductive to divide the resistance between your upper and lower body.  According to Annie Beason of Precor, “If your goal is to lose weight, then an elliptical without arms is more efficient.”  An interesting fact is a considerable number of Precor customers prefer not to use the arms and didn’t want to pay for the feature. Furthermore, if you have ever observed people exercising on elliptical trainers at health clubs, they tend to go through the motions with their upper body workout, so what is the point to have it?

Consequently, the Precor EFX 423 is built for people who want specifically the Precor elliptical motion experience, which is the most natural elliptical stride in the industry.  The company has a number of patents to protect the biomechanics of that elliptical motion.   That is why the Precor ellipticals are unique, and why people are willing to pay a premium for them.

CrossRamp Technology

The one feature that stands out on the Precor EFX 423 is the CrossRamp technology, which is protected by rigid patents and is only available on Precor ellipticals.  The CrossRamp allows you to incline the elliptical motion, which lets you target different lower body muscles and increase your rate of exertion.  Other companies have incline designs,  but only Precor has an incline that maintains a true elliptical motion as you raise the angle.  The incline feature on other brands tends to distort the motion as you raise the ramp, causing a degree of stress to your joints and reducing the efficiency of the workout.

It is the patented design of the elliptical motion and the CrossRamp technology which result in a lower perceived rate of exertion, which means when you exercise on a Precor elliptical you get more results while you feel like you are exerting less.

With the Precision series models and the Precor EFX 423 elliptical trainer you are able to raise the incline to a hear pounding 40 degrees. With the Energy series, you only can go up to 25 degress. There is also a more refined electromagnectic resistance system.

Precor Quality

Of course the other reason people pay a high premium for a Precor elliptical is the unsurpassed quality.  I previously mentioned that the Precision series are light institutional machines for the home.  The majority of the engineering and components that go into these models have been tested in the rigors of a commercial environment.   In other words, they are industrial strength.  Furthermore, Precor has an outstanding service record.  Service issues with new models are approximate 1/5 the industry standard.

Our Review – Precor EFX 423 Elliptical Trainer

For those purists that are looking for a machine that will efficiently burn calories  the Precor EFX 423 makes sense, and if you are not interested in the upper body workout, why pay for it? The EFX 423 is built for serious users, people who are serious about exercising and staying in shape.  The Precor EFX 423 is not cheap, but the continual success of the company proves that Precor ellipticals have something that people are willing to pay a premium for.

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