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In-Depth Review of the NordicTrack AirGlide 7i Elliptical: Performance and Features Analysis

The NordicTrack AirGlide 7i Elliptical stands out as a significant addition to the renowned NordicTrack lineup. As a team dedicated to thoroughly testing and reviewing fitness equipment, we had the opportunity to personally experience and evaluate the AirGlide 7i. This allowed us to gain firsthand insights into its features, performance, and overall user experience. Known for its commitment to innovation and quality, NordicTrack’s introduction of the AirGlide 7i continues this tradition, offering a machine that combines both power and advanced technology.


0% financing is available for up to 39 months; 30 day iFIT trial included.
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NordicTrack AirGlide 7i Elliptical Features and Performance

  • Incline/Decline Range: The AirGlide 7i features a range from -5% decline to 15% incline. This functionality is great for targeting different muscle groups, with the incline focusing more on the glutes and quads, and the decline targeting the hamstrings​.
  • Console and Display: The elliptical includes a 7-inch touchscreen display, which is slightly lower and smaller compared to other models. This screen is a key component for accessing iFIT’s digital fitness platform and other smart features.
  • iFIT Compatibility: Like other NordicTrack models, the AirGlide 7i works best with the iFIT digital fitness platform, offering a range of interactive workouts. It’s important to note that while iFIT enhances the experience, the elliptical can be used without a subscription.
  • Built-in Features: The machine includes one-touch controls, a built-in cooling fan, a water bottle holder, and a cup holder, though there’s a lack of additional storage for devices like smartphones​.
  • Bluetooth Connectivity: The AirGlide 7i supports Bluetooth, allowing connections with headphones and heart rate monitors, but it does not support playing audio from a phone through its speakers​.

Design and Build

  • Flywheel and Resistance: The elliptical features a 25 lb inertia-enhanced flywheel and offers 22 levels of digital resistance, providing a smooth and varied workout experience​.
  • Adjustable Power Ramp: Its adjustable power ramp varies from -5 to 15 degrees, adding versatility to your workout routines​.

User Experience

  • Assembly: The assembly process is straightforward, though it’s recommended to have an additional person to assist. Helpful videos are available to guide you through the setup​.
  • Warranty: NordicTrack provides a standard warranty for the AirGlide 7i: 10 years on the frame, 2 years on parts, and 1 year on labor​.

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    NordicTrack AirGlide 7i Elliptical TrainerWhen compared to other ellipticals in its price range, the AirGlide 7i offers a competitive set of features. Its incline and decline capabilities, along with the 7-inch touchscreen, are notable aspects. However, when compared to models like Sole’s E35, it faces strong competition, especially in terms of warranty and screen size. The choice between these models will likely depend on specific feature preferences and the importance of interactive training via iFIT​.

    The NordicTrack AirGlide 7i Elliptical emerges as a solid option for those seeking a home elliptical with interactive training capabilities. Its incline and decline features, along with iFIT compatibility, make it a versatile choice for varied workouts. However, the smaller screen size and the lack of additional device storage could be a drawback for some users. Overall, it’s a well-rounded machine capable of meeting the needs of a wide range of fitness enthusiasts.

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    Comprehensive Review of the NordicTrack AirGlide 14i Elliptical: Unveiling Its Cutting-Edge Design and Functionality!

    The NordicTrack AirGlide 14i Elliptical is a noteworthy addition to NordicTrack’s range of fitness equipment, known for combining stylish design with advanced technology. After thoroughly testing this machine, our review team has gathered insights to help you understand what sets the AirGlide 14i apart and how it compares to others in the market.


    0% financing is available for up to 39 months; 30 day iFIT trial included.
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    Notable Features – AirGlide 14i Elliptical 

      • NordicTrack AirGlide 14i EllipticalInteractive Touchscreen: The AirGlide 14i is equipped with a 14-inch HD touchscreen, offering an immersive workout experience. This screen allows access to iFit’s extensive library of trainer-led workouts, both live and on-demand​.
      • Incline and Decline Capability: Unique to this model is its incline/decline range of -5% to 15%. This feature not only enhances the workout intensity but also targets different muscle groups more effectively, offering a variation rarely seen in ellipticals​.
      • iFit Integration: iFit technology is a standout feature, providing interactive training sessions where the resistance and incline levels are automatically adjusted according to the selected workout. This adds an element of convenience and engagement to your fitness routine​.
      • Design and Build Quality: The AirGlide 14i boasts a front-drive system and a heavy 32 lbs flywheel, ensuring a smooth and stable workout experience. Its low-impact design, featuring 26 quiet magnetic resistance levels, is suitable for a variety of users​.
      • Comfort Features: The elliptical includes comfortable, cushioned pedals, a built-in workout fan, and a sleek console with handle controls for easy adjustments during workouts​.

      Pros and Cons:

      • Pros:
        • High-quality 14” touchscreen for engaging workouts.
        • Incline and decline features for varied muscle engagement.
        • iFit integration for an interactive and guided workout experience.
        • Sturdy build and smooth operation suitable for users of various heights and weights.
        • Quiet operation, ideal for home use​.
      • Cons:
        • The size of the machine might not be suitable for smaller home gyms.
        • The incline and decline adjustments can be a bit loud.
        • Lack of additional storage for devices like smartphones during workouts​.

    NordicTrack AirGlide 14i Elliptical Interactive ScreenComparison with Other Models:

    FS10i and FS14i: The AirGlide 14i shares some similarities with the FS10i and FS14i, especially in its low-impact design and iFit integration. However, the AirGlide 14i differentiates itself with its decline capability (-5% to 15%) and a modern, streamlined design. Its 14” HD touchscreen offers an immersive workout experience, elevating it above the FS10i and FS14i in terms of interactive training. 

    AirGlide 7i: When compared to the AirGlide 7i, the 14i model stands out primarily in terms of its larger touchscreen and more extensive incline and decline range. The AirGlide 14i’s 14-inch screen offers a more immersive experience than the smaller screen of the 7i, enhancing the interactivity of workouts. Additionally, the incline and decline capabilities of the 14i provide a more dynamic range of motion, targeting a broader range of muscle groups and offering a more versatile workout regime.

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      The NordicTrack AirGlide 14i Elliptical is a solid choice for those seeking a low-impact, interactive, and diverse workout experience at home. Its combination of technology, build quality, and unique features like the decline capability make it a strong contender in the home fitness market. However, its size and the noise during incline/decline adjustments may be considerations for potential buyers. Overall, it’s a future best-seller with stunning looks and excellent tech, offering great value for its price​

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      Elliptical Under $800 – Is It a Dud or a Steal?

      Sole E20 Elliptical ReviewGREAT DEAL! For a limited time, Sole is offering a FREE 90 day trial membership to their interactive fitness technology Studio with the purchase of any Sole elliptical. 

      You may have heard of the brand Sole Fitness. Sole has been around for a long time, and their company has certainly earned their stripes over the years in the fitness industry. While other top name brands such as NordicTrack or ProForm are known for their flashy machines, Sole has established a reputation for durability and consistency in their fitness equipment products.

      At our last visit to the Sole corporate headquarters in Salt Lake City, Utah, we discussed the mission behind their machines. The owners at Sole told our Fitness Equipment Source team that the goal at Sole is to provide consumers with the highest quality fitness equipment. Their company chooses to spend money on the components and engineering of their products, rather than the bells and whistles you may see on other machines on the market.

      Sole ellipticals are appealing to a wide array of budgets. Their machines have always ranged from the $999-$2,500 range. With Sole’s newest elliptical launch, they’ve expanded the affordability of their products even more. The brand new E20 elliptical from Sole is priced below $800, which is a new price category for their company. As most of us know, cheaper doesn’t always mean better. So, the real question is, is the new budget-friendly elliptical from Sole worth your money? Let’s jump right in. Continue reading

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      marathon adviceWhat’s harder – running a marathon or becoming a professional athlete? To some, running 26.2 miles might seem like an impossible feat – almost as hard as making it into the NFL or the MLB. But, with the right training and a good amount of determination, you can achieve your goal of running a marathon.

      And although it might seem like some super-human task (I mean, 26 miles is pretty long), the truth is, anyone can do it! You’d be surprised to find that more people than you think have ran marathons.

      From professional athletes and Hollywood actors to Grammy-award winning singers and famous comedians – many of your favorite celebrities have worn out their running shoes and crossed the marathon finish line. Here’s just a few familiar faces that have checked “run a marathon” off their bucket lists. Continue reading

      Offers a Great Cardio Workout with Zero Impact!

      Recumbent bikes are gaining more traction again in the fitness industry. The older models of these indoor stationary bikes were in their prime in the 1960s-1970s. recumbent bikeYou, your parents, or your grandparents probably owned one of these at some point. More than likely, the original stationary bike that you owned turned into the household laundry hanger.

      Let’s be honest… the concept of the recumbent exercise bike back then was far from spectacular. These machines were infamous for being uncomfortable, noisy, bulky, and just overall impractical.

      Thankfully, there have been some major improvements since then.

       Get the commercial grade Sole R92 recumbent bike at a residential price of only $1,099. 30 Day Money Back Guarantee.

      Click Here for Free Shipping on the R92 Bike from Sole

      *Shipping/Delivery Note: All Sole bikes come with free curbside delivery. For this standard delivery, the driver will back the truck up as far as they can (which is sometimes at the end of your driveway) and unload your box for you. Bikes can often be awkward to move and typically require more than one person. Sole now offers Assembly Authority Delivery for $299. An Assembly Authority Tech will unload the bike to the designated room of your choice, assemble it, and demonstrate the functionality for you. This new delivery option is a great deal in our opinion.

      Sole Bike Review

      Fitness Equipment Source team member testing her Sole SB900 recumbent bike.

      Sole is a brand that we have continued to be impressed with throughout the years. Their company has been recognized for the quality and durability of their fitness equipment over and over. Sole’s customer service and warranty is one of the best that you will be able to find in the fitness industry.

      Our team has made several trips to the Sole Headquarters in Salt Lake City, Utah to get further insight as to why this company is so successful, and why their products are some of the best in their class. Several of our team members have owned Sole equipment over the years and have been thoroughly impressed with the longevity of their ellipticals, as well as how low maintenance they are.

      Recently, one of our team members has purchased a recumbent bike from Sole and she has been very impressed with the use that she has gotten out of it.

      Benefits of Recumbent Bikes

      There are many perks to utilizing recumbent bikes for some people. For example, you may benefit from using a recumbent bike if…

      • You suffer from low back pain.
      • Elliptical strides are uncomfortable for you.
      • You need a low-impact option for cardio.
      • You have recently suffered an injury.
      • You have cardiac limitations.
      • You want to isolate your lower body muscles.
      • You suffer from joint pain.
      • You need a stationary cardio option for safety reasons.
      • You are a beginner.

      These are just some of the reasons that you should consider opting for a recumbent bike. Also, you may just enjoy biking over other cardio equipment such as an elliptical or a treadmill.

      Sole R92 Bike Top Features

      Affordable – We typically see this bike priced around the $1,000 price point, a great price tag for a sturdy bike.

      20 Resistance Levels – The R92 offers 20 levels of ECB resistance. This will give you an easy, quiet transition while switching your workout intensity level.

      Sole R92 Bike ReviewSturdy Build – This bike is constructed with a heavy-duty steel frame and has an aluminum finish. This machine really packs a punch and is built to take a beating.

      Posture Support – As we mentioned earlier, stationary bikes are ideal for those who suffer from any chronic back or joint issues. The R92 bike features a 2-degree inward design to maintain proper posture during your workout.

      Compact Size – Many recumbent bikes are big and bulky, this machine 50” h x 30” w x 57” L.

      LCD Display – An easy-to-read 9” LCD display. This machine comes with 10 engaging workout programs to keep your exercise routine far from boring.

      Technology and Additional Features – Bluetooth capable, USB charging port, tablet/phone holder, cooling fans, water bottle holder, heart rate monitoring with pulse grips and chest strap included.

      Warranty – Lifetime frame warranty, 3-year electronics, 3-year parts, 1-year labor. This is one of the best warranties that you will currently find in the fitness equipment industry.

      Our Verdict: Sole Fitness R92 Recumbent Bike

      Although using a bike will not allow you to get in the intense HIIT workout that you may could achieve on your elliptical or treadmill, it’s an excellent way to get in your daily cardio movement. Choosing to use a stationary bike machine will get your blood pumping, without putting yourself at risk for injury or inducing any pain. The recumbent bike is also a great option for those who are just starting out on their fitness journey, elderly, need to avoid joint impact, suffer from any type of pain, or just really enjoy cycling!

      Sole R92 Bike ReviewThe R92 bike from Sole is a solid choice for anyone looking for an affordably priced recumbent bike for their home or office. Just this year, the R92 was awarded with the 2021 high-end pick – while being priced around $1,000. This speaks volumes for the design and durability of this machine. Even though it is priced affordably, it is still a high-quality piece of fitness equipment.

      If a recumbent bike sounds like the right addition to incorporate into your workout routine, we confidently suggest the R92 recumbent bike from Sole.

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      Weight Lifting Isn’t Just For Muscles 

      weiLifting weights is part of a complete and balanced exercise regimen, just like fruits and veggies are part of a well-rounded meal. But this one piece of your fitness puzzle is doing a lot more for your body than just building your muscle strength.

      When you start out with a weight training program, it’s easy to get really excited about getting strong and toned…but then you may feel like you aren’t seeing the results you’ve been hoping for.

      There is a reason for this, and it has nothing to do with how hard you’re working. As it turns out, during the first few weeks of weight training, your body is actually strengthening your nervous system.

      New research (1) reveals what goes on in your body during the beginning of a weight training regimen. Continue reading

      Some Companies Are Shipping Faster than Others Amidst the Pandemic

      With the pandemic still on the forefront of all of our lives, and with all the changes to the fitness industry, your daily workouts probably look very different from what they were a year ago.

      There are benefits – you don’t have to commute to the gym, you can play your music as loud as you want in your living room, and you can avoid the smelly Steve at your local gym.

      But you probably miss having more than one barbell to choose from, and you probably miss your favorite exercise machines too.

      Since it seems like the virus isn’t going away any time soon, it’s probably time to take your home gym to the next level. With New Year’s approaching, soon you’ll have a chance to make New Year’s resolutions, new fitness goals, and change your workout routine.

      And to make all of that happen, you need new fitness equipment. With Black Friday approaching, now is the time to buy exercise equipment. Continue reading

      The Affordable Under-Desk Elliptical 

      The SF-E3872 from Sunny Health and Fitness is their under-desk elliptical. Priced at less than $150, this machine seems pretty attractive to consumers. Most users who work at desk jobs will find this under-desk elliptical particularly attractive in hopes to incorporate some leg movement while they are sitting all day.

      Although you may not have heard of Sunny Health and Fitness, they are really popular on Amazon. Most of their machines have really good user reviews. This elliptical for example has 4.5/5 stars with over 2,000 consumer reviews.

      Sunny Health and Fitness is a much smaller brand in the industry, they have only about 100 employees worldwide. Their main headquarter location is in Los Angeles, CA. Sunny Health has a second headquarter location in Xiamen, China.

      While Sunny Health and Fitness certainly doesn’t have the name recognition as other brands such as NordicTrack or Horizon, having such popularity with consumers on their Amazon store is promising for their equipment.

      The SF-E3872 under-desk elliptical is definitely a unique option that we don’t see often on the market, and there is a reason why. There are some better options out there for the goals of most consumers.

      SF-E3872 Amazon Sale!
      The Sunny Health and Fitness SF-E3872 is currently priced on Amazon for $129.99 with FREE shipping for Prime members. For a total body workout, you may want to consider the Horizon EX-59 Elliptical instead.

      Shop Now at

      Shop the SF-E3872 at Amazon.Com

      SF-E3872 Features


      • Digital Monitor – There is nothing spectacular here, just a display monitor, but it does give you basic stats like time, speed, calories, and distance.
      • 8 Level Adjustable Tension Knob – The SF-E3872 is completely powered by you. However, there is a tension knob located on the machine that has up to 8 levels of resistance to make it more challenging for you.
      • Compact Size – The dimensions of this machine are 24 x 19 x 11 inches; it weighs 24.2 lbs. It’s designed to fit under desks and chairs.

      Why We Suggest the Horizon EX-59 Instead

      An under-desk elliptical seems like a great idea in theory. Most people think that it’s a great way to “kill two birds with one stone” so to speak – get your exercise in while you are working. However, the movement alone of simply moving your legs while at a desk or chair is actually not very effective at all.


      Horizon EX-59

      Of course, there are always benefits to moving your body. In comparison, the benefits to only working your lower body, rather than the full body workout that a standard elliptical will give you are minimal. If you are looking to get toned, burn calories, and get your heart pumping, this is probably not the option for you.

      If you are looking to add some really effective exercise into your today, we suggest another budget elliptical instead – the Horizon EX-59. The EX-59 from Horizon is priced at $649, and they offer monthly financing options.

      A Budget Machine with Great Reviews

      The SF-E905 from Sunny Health and Fitness is considered a budget elliptical. This machine usually is priced at under $200, making it one of the most affordable ellipticals on the market today.

      Sunny Health and Fitness is a smaller brand that is not well-known by most people. Their company has only about 100 employees worldwide. Sunny’s main headquarter location is in Los Angeles, CA. Sunny Health has a second headquarter location in Xiamen, China.

      While Sunny Health and Fitness certainly doesn’t have the name recognition as other brands such as NordicTrack or Horizon, there are some good reviews on their fitness equipment. Sunny Health and Fitness has a large presence on Amazon. The SF-E905 elliptical has a 4/5 star rating with over 4,500 reviews.

      The SF-E905 does seem to be popular among some consumers, but we do have some concerns with this machine that we want to make readers aware of before making their purchase.

      SF-E905 Amazon Sale!
      The Sunny Health and Fitness SF-E905 is currently priced on Amazon for $179.00 with FREE shipping for Prime members. Although this is a really attractive price point, we suggest checking out the Horizon EX-59 Elliptical.

      Shop Now at

      Shop the SF-E905 at Amazon.Com

      SF-E905 Features

      • SF-E905

        Digital Monitor – Nothing fancy, just a display monitor, but it does give you information like your time, speed, distance, calories, and pulse.

      • 8 Level Adjustable Resistance – The SF-E905 is completely user manual, but you can adjust the resistance up to 8 levels. However, it should be noted that you do have to step off the machine when you want to change the resistance level which some users could find inconvenient.
      • Compact Design – The SF-E905 is ideal for those who are limited on space. The Assembled dimensions are 36 L x 18 W x 15 H.

      Our Concerns with the SF-E905

      • Product Weight – The SF-E905 Elliptical Trainer has a product weight of 61 lbs. Some users may see a lightweight machine as a positive feature, but at weight this light, safety and stability become major concerns. If you weigh over 120 lbs., you are over twice the weight of this machine. In comparison, the Horizon EX-59 weighs 145 lbs.
      • 11 Inch Stride Length – Typically we suggest a minimum of an 18” stride length. Most users of average height will find an 11” stride length confining and uncomfortable.
      • Warranty – There is a 3-year structural frame warranty, and 180 days for other parts and components. This is not a great warranty.

      Why We Don’t Suggest this Elliptical


      Horizon EX-59

      The SF-E905 elliptical from Sunny Health and Fitness comes with some decent features for such an affordable price. Although it’s compact, shows fitness stats, and has resistance adjustment options, we feel the safety concerns outweigh the positives of this machine.

      We suggest checking out the Horizon EX-59 elliptical instead. The EX-59 is sold at $649, with monthly financing available. We are very confident in Horizon as a brand and have seen countless positive consumer reviews over the years for the EX-59. The EX-59 from Horizon is a safer and more durable choice for an elliptical trainer.

      An Elliptical Trainer Under $100! Too Good to Be True?

      Yes, you read that title correctly. We were a little shocked, too! The SF-E902 from Sunny Health and Fitness is one of the only elliptical trainers on the market that we are aware of priced at UNDER $100.

      Sunny Health and Fitness is a smaller brand in the fitness equipment industry, with only about 100 employees worldwide. Their main headquarters location is in Los Angeles, CA. Sunny Health has a second headquarters location in Xiamen, China.

      Some people may view small brands as a disadvantage. While Sunny Health certainly doesn’t have the name recognition as other brands such as NordicTrack or Horizon, there are some advantages when choosing to purchase from a small brand.

      Sunny Health and Fitness is vocal about their dedication to making their company atmosphere as much like ‘family’ as possible. Since they strive to create a close-knit workplace – their customer service is likely to be much more personal as well. (Which is a huge plus when purchasing fitness equipment!)

      SF-E902 Amazon Sale!
      The Sunny Health and Fitness SF-E902 is currently priced on Amazon for $90.61 with FREE shipping for Prime members. Although this is a really attractive price point, we suggest considering the Horizon EX-59.

      Shop Now at

      Shop the SF-E902 at Amazon.Com

      SF-E902 Features

      • Digital Monitor – Although it’s not the largest or the most fancy, this elliptical does come with a small monitor that shows time, count, total distance and calories.
      • Full Body Workout – The SF-E902 is completely user manual, and powered by you. This will ensure a great aerobic workout!
      • Foldable – It’s a great feature when you’re limited on space to have an elliptical that folds.

      Why We’re Concerned With This Machine…

      There is no denying that the SF-E902 from Sunny Health comes at one of the most appealing price points on the market. Let’s face it, if you can spend under $100 on an elliptical trainer, who wouldn’t want to?! However, we have some really serious concerns with this elliptical trainer.

      • SF-E902

        Product Weight – The SF-E902 Elliptical Trainer only weighs 31 lbs. While a lightweight product can be a great feature, not this lightweight. Sunny Health makes the claim that the SF-E902 can hold up to 220 lbs. of user weight. Considering this is over six times the weight of the elliptical, we do not feel this is a safe weight limit. With a product weighing only 31 lbs., there are major concerns for both stability and safety during your workout.

      • Unsure of Stride Length – On their website, Sunny states that the stride length for this machine is 30″. However, on their description on Amazon, they state the stride length for this machine is 45″. We are not confident in stating a matter-of-fact stride length for the SF-E902 with conflicting descriptions. Regardless, some users will find a fixed stride length uncomfortable. We find that adjustable stride lengths are usually the preference of most users, so they can adjust it to what’s most comfortable for them.
      • Warranty – There is a 1-year structural frame warranty, and 180 days for “other parts and components”. This is an awful warranty, and a warranty usually reflects the quality and durability of a product.

      Our Review – Sunny Health and Fitness SF-E902


      Horizon EX-59

      This elliptical is sold at a price that nearly all of us are drawn to. It seems like a great deal, especially for someone who is looking for a basic treadmill to get some movement in at home. However, as we stated, we have some safety concerns with this elliptical unfortunately.

      We suggest checking out the Horizon EX-59 elliptical instead. The EX-59 is sold at $649, with financing available. There is a bit of a price jump from $100 to $600, but we are very confident in Horizon as a brand, and have seen countless positive consumer reviews over the years for the EX-59. We feel the Horizon EX-59 is a safer and more durable choice for an elliptical trainer.